greentapestry : December 2005

Saturday 31 December 2005

Ring out the old, ring in the new !

2005 is drawing to a close - less than three hours to go. Sitting here listening to the omnibus edition of 'The Archers'. I have only just realised that it is almost Sunday morning and I would have to get up extra early to listen before the next omnibus is broadcast.

I had not realised how long it was since my last blog entry and have vowed to be kinder to my blog in 2006. It has been ages since I have been to the lottie so no news to relate of growings/goings on. Will have to get there soon to take the grapevine down to floor level. In the garden today I was heartened to see snowdrops well through and plump hellebore buds - what joys to come. Now with January on the horizon time to study the seed catalogues and dream of next year's veggies and blossoms.