greentapestry : April 2023

Monday 24 April 2023

IAVOM ~ "A Host Of Daffodils"

It's another pick and plonk this Monday with a vase full of daffodils. They are  narcissus triandus  'Tresamble', a variety that I've not grown before. They are an older variety dating back to pre-1930 and were described by the bulb merchant as "multi-headed, strong in the stems and weather resistant', a description which so far has proved accurate. I was expecting up to three flowers per stem but have been pleasantly surprised to find up to five flowers on some stems. I'm growing them in a pot but I'm sure that they would do well in the ground too. Research into the name drew a blank although there is a hamlet of 'Tresamble' in Cornwall, an area famous for daffodil growing so perhaps that was how the name originated. The flowers are also fragrant, although perhaps too fragrant for my liking and I will have to think carefully about where to position the vase.

The vase is an old timer of unknown origin. It previously provided a home for either pencils or artist's paintbrushes or perhaps it was a mix of both. 

A thanks as always to our hostess Cathy who blogs over at 'Rambling In The Garden'. Do visit if you haven't before and enjoy vases of flowers, foliage and frippery posted from far and wide throughout the year.

The weather has turned cold today with a touch of winter returning for a couple of days. The weather forecasters have been warning gardeners to fleece tender plants well in case of likely frosts tonight so I'm off to the greenhouse soon to wrap my seedling babies up for the night. Hopefully normal service will soon be resumed and the greenhouse vents will be opening wide again trying to cool things down. It's always a fine balancing act at this time of year. 

Monday 17 April 2023

IAVOM ~ Nipped In The Bud

Well after last week's exciting experimentation with a flower frog it's back to pick and plonk today for 'In A Vase On Monday'. These 'Ballerina' tulips lent themselves to the occasion. I noticed this morning that seven of the stems had been snapped spookily in more or less at the same point of their respective stems, quite close to the flower heads. Luckily the pot is crammed with bulbs so their companions still make for a colourful display in their blue pot. Whether it has happened because of recent strong winds or whether it's down to pesky pigeon or squirrel activity I just don't know. The pot is visible from the kitchen window so I will be keeping my eyes peeled when I'm at the kitchen sink and maybe might be able to identify the culprit. I like 'Ballerina' - both the colour and the fact that I don't need to plant bulbs every autumn.

As always it's a big thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for her impeccable hosting. Some of the various participants met up virtually yesterday which was most enjoyable and further get togethers are in the pipeline. It's back to to the green waste bin for me in a few moments, It's due to be emptied tomorrow morning and I think that I can just squeeze another trugful in but I hope to catch up with everyone's vases later this evening. Wishing everyone a sunny flower filled week 💐

Monday 10 April 2023

IAVOM - "My Cup Runneth Over"


Yesterday saw my first attempt at using a flower frog. It wasn't helped by consuming a glass of red wine beforehand to accompany a yummy Easter meal or by the breeze that ruffled stems and petals when it came to taking the photo. Still practice makes perfect and all that.

In my vase this week are :

  • Some of my favourite daffodils - the beautiful and elegant white narcissus 'Thalia'.
  • A peek of pale blue muscari 'Valerie Finnis'.
  • Honesty from a self seeded plant which has a touch of 'Chedglow' in it's foliage but isn't pure 'Chedglow'.
  • Some stems of alemanchier blossom. 
  • A couple of flowers of sweetly scented viola 'Peach Jump Up'. This was a totally impractical addition as the stems were too short to reach the water but they rested there temporarily.

My vase is a 'Roy Kirkham' bone china mug which looks larger in the photo than it actually is. I have had it for a good few years but can't remember how it came into my possession. I do remember that it had a beautiful companion decorated with a clematis but a certain someone who shall remain nameless dropped it and that was that. The egg filled nest creation is a shop bought florists pick.

With thanks as always to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' who encourages bloggers to share their vases each Monday. I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter enjoyed yesterday. Here the beautiful settled spring weather we've enjoyed for a few days has turned into the usual Bank holiday treat of heavy rain but there are jobs a plenty awaiting in the greenhouse.