greentapestry : January 2021

Saturday 23 January 2021

Wheelbarrows & Wellies

It seems to have been a long time since I've been here. I would like to say that I have been wearing wellies and wheeling a wheelbarrow but truth be told I've been relishing a deep longer winter hibernation than usual. I'm not sure sure what I've actually achieved but the seasonal jigsaw has been completed,  plenty of books have been enjoyed and much amusing entertainment has been had watching the birds feed. They for one as one of my nieces put it "are blissfully unaware of the turmoil going on around them". On the gardening front little has been done but the flower seed box is immaculate and sorted out in alphabetical order and the seed order will be going in later today. My dahlias were ordered on New Year's Day so I feel that I'm making some inroads, Now I need to get cracking on some indoor jobs before outdoor jobs and the seed sowing season take priority.

Our seasonal jigsaw this year was 'Wheelbarrows and Wellies', the first jigsaw from the Gibson's stable that we have tackled. It was made up of a set of garden related cameos and was most pleasurable to do. You can see some close ups here. The artist Val Goldfinch is behind other jigsaws so we shall look out for her in the future.

My main pleasure in the garden at this time of year is of course snowdrops both in the garden and also my collection of named snowdrops in the greenhouse. Outside up to Christmas everything seemed to be well ahead of schedule but is now back in kilter after the much cooler weather of the last month. However the joy that I get from the indoor residents has been diminished as so many of them have decided not to flower this year. I'm not sure why this has happened but think that water - either too much or too little is a factor. I have to confess that the pots may have baked too dry in the hot spring that we had - they were back outside by then and I took my eyes off inspecting the pots regularly.  I also divided a good number of them in the spring as the pots were crowded and then all the pots almost drowned before I took them in under cover earlier than I usually do because they were just so wet. I think that it has been too stressful for them especially the more immature bulbs and that with some tender loving care they will flower in profusion next year. I do have some showing their colours though and have welcomed some newcomers in the fold namely 'Aunt Agnes', 'Lucy', and 'Green Of Hearts'. Hopefully I will post photos soon.

In the meantime I've gained some snowdrop pleasure elsewhere via Zoom lectures, a virtual snowdrop festival on Instagram from The Garden House in Devon  and from a most enjoyable programme 'Snowdrop Country' here on BBC radio 4 focusing on Alan Street, the nurseryman from  from Avon Bulbs who has been responsible for most of their star snowdrops. Well now having found my way back here I hope to return sooner than later.