greentapestry : March 2023

Monday 13 March 2023

IAVOM ~ The Post With No Name

 It is amazing just how quickly Mondays come around and of course time for a vase. A trio of flowers picked yesterday ahead yesterday afternoon in anticipation a busy morning and also of the unpleasant weather forecast for today of wet and windy. They are :
  • A sprig of pulmonaria - I think that this one is 'Victorian Brooch'.
  • Some cardamine quinquefolia - this is a hardy perennial which comes into leaf and then flower in February and looks most attractive as an underskirt for snowdrops and hellebores. I bought this plant in a small pot, almost ten years ago this April. I remember it well as it was the day that our compost toilet at the allotment site was formally open. I had to be there to greet the M.P. who did the honours but before the event himself and I managed to squeeze in a plant sale. The small pot that came home with me is now a veritable lilac pool. It disappears ww
  • The double pink hellebore, variety unknown, grows amidst the lilac pool but it is becoming too engulfed so some remedial action is required.

The vase was a relatively recent purchase from the florist a few doors away from my hairdressers. My first venture into the shop resulted in the discovery of a treasure trove of glasses vases in a rainbow of colours. I will return in due course. 

The weather forecast was unfortunately accurate and it seem's that yesterday's foretaste of spring was just a teasing glimpse. It had been the first time this year that I had ventured out to garden for a good spell without being hampered by the need to wear a coat or gloves. Still there must be more days like that just round the corner. Thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for enabling us to share our floral pickings each Monday. 

Monday 6 March 2023

IAVOM ~ 'The Angel Of The Garden'

Rain has stopped played today so my vase has retreated indoors under cover. Fortunately I picked the flowers yesterday. They are :

  • Two varieties of iris reticulata - namely 'Purple Hill' and 'Clairette'. Although the flowers never seem to last for long, their subtle markings are always so fascinating to view especially at close quarters.
  • One of the last remaining snowdrops in flower - plicatus 'Augustus' with it's distinctive seersucker petals. 
Keeking  a protective watch over my teeny tiny vase is 'An Angel Of The Garden' figurine, whose purchase was prompted by seeing her some time ago feature in Cathy's 'Words and Herbs' blog. Thank you Cathy for putting temptation in my way 😂

Thanks also to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden', who so gently encourages us to share our vases each and every Monday, whatever the season and weather is throwing at us. The forecast for the rest of the week here is decidedly wintry in nature with cold overnight temperatures and possibly some snow on Thursday. Winter has not run it's course yet so seed sowing plans in the greenhouse are on hold. I did sow some larkspur at the weekend though as I thought that they would appreciate the chill. No signs of any germination yet from my September sown seeds. Hope that everyone has a good week ahead whatever they are up to.