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Sunday, 5 March 2006

Of snowdrops and seedsowing

Ooooops - what happened to those new year resolutions ! Well I suppose there has not been that much happening in the garden and I have neglectd my poor lottie. All that is about to change ! The propagator is on and the first batch of seeds have been sown. Last weekend - verbena bonariensis now in fridge, rhodichiton and something else that I have forgotten inside. This weekend the perennial white stock and orlaya grandiflora on the heated sandbench.

I have some new snowdrops including 'Anglesey Abbey' and 'Modern Art' - both Ebay purchases. We had quite a bit of snow on Thursday night into Friday morning and then some severe frosts. We made it to March with only a flurry of the white stuff in November and then all of a sudden winter arrived. The snowdrops were absolutely flattened by this and have only just perked up. Still some snow on the ground now. The day has been a mixture of sunny spells and scattered wintry showers which plummeted down on my head and finally drove me inside. Off to study veg planting schedules now.

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