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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Missing Factor




'Out on the Streets' is a regular feature at over at Veg Plotting where we are invited to show everyone the public open spaces and planting that we come across in our neighbourhoods or on our travels.

Over the last few months I have been visiting Chavasse Park in Liverpool and reporting back. Chavasse Park is small park slap bang in middle of the city centre You can see my June, September and Decembers posts here,here and here. I made my latest visit in early April and perhaps should have left it until later in the month. The grasses which are a feature of the planting still looked good but there was very little evidence of spring. There was little in flower - the odd perennial but not a single solitary sign of either emerging, flowering or flowered bulb. Whilst this area would not lend itself to mass plantings there are plenty of pockets that would be suitable for drifts of snowdrops, crocus or narcissus so why they have not been planted completely puzzled me. Maybe the planting budget was exhausted by the time it came to spring. Unlike my previous visits this peek in to the park left me disappointed. However I will try to nip back in the next week or so to see what else has emerged, now that spring has well and truly finally arrived. Please click on the collage for the bigger picture.

Over at ABC Wednesday there are many more observations on the letter O.


  1. What a great cOllage Of being Out On the streets in early spring!

  2. A great collage indeed! I like the Out on the Streets idea! I'll have to check it out! Hope your week is going well, Anna!


  3. Out On the Streets - what a fine idea! I hope there are spring flowers there next week, maybe they're still just a bit winter weary. :)

  4. Love Out on the Streets, a great O indeed. Owesome! HA!

  5. Yes, and maybe out on the town while your at it!!! Nice collage!

  6. I love playing tourist through your eyes. You look at all the stuff I would want to look at! :)

  7. Wow! What a lovely journey on such a lovely day!

    Thanks so much for contributing
    (ABC Team)

  8. Perhaps this would be a good place for some guerilla gardening. I'm sure a few bulbs would enhance the planting scheme.

  9. Maybe they'll notice the missing signs of Spring there and add some bulbs. I think drift of Snowdrops would look really pretty too. Maybe on your next visit you'll see more flowers.

  10. Nice Anna. Makes me want to visit!

  11. Oh what a shame Anna, perhaps on your next visit you will see a change - things move so quickly this time of year. Jo has made a very good point. Out of the Streets is a great idea for a post. I'm not organised enough to do these regular slots but I always enjoy stopping by to see what others have got up to.

    Still haven't mastered mosaics either - I'm hopeless!


  12. Good to see you back in Liverpool again for the latest installment Anna!

    Looks very different to when I was there in November...

  13. Hi Anna, I love the new look blog. Sorry I haven't visited in a while, I am trying to catch up on what everyone is up to, a couple of favourite blogs a day, so here I am at yours. What a great idea 'Out on the streets' the collage is good. Maybe I should take more notice of what is about in our town.
    Have a good bank holiday.
    M x


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