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Monday, 6 September 2010

End Of Month View - August 2010

I am not sure what happened to June and July's end of month view and August's was nearly censored. However the fact that a steel bench happened to occupy centre stage means this is a warts and all view. If nothing else looking at it will serve as a salutary reminder to myself of what I need to do before winter sets in. The bench was there as a window was being replaced. With some under the breath muttering in himself's direction, I had to clear room for action, so some serious cutting back ensued. Somewhere in there is a eupatorium which sadly will now not flower this autumn. Also on the casualty list is a newly planted hellebore which is now in intensive care. However everything else has survived with a few minor bruises.

At this time of year the border is very shady - the branches of a large willow tree (top left), which is outside the perimeter of our garden, creep into view as the year progresses. The yellow thug which I tried to eradicate earlier in the year is still making its presence known albeit in a quieter fashion. More digging out of aforesaid thug is required. The fatsia japonica is heading for a new home if it will transplant as it has begun to obscure the view from inside the house. Is it too big to move successfully? I am thinking of planting a rose and a clematis in its place. Other plants need thinning out and/or dividing/repositioning - namely brunnera, geranium phaeum and campanula persicifolia so my things to do list is getting longer and longer. We also need to top up the soil level which has shrunk over the years. So the next time you see my end of month view it may be even more depleted than it is now but hopefully I will be feeling more positive about it.

With many thanks to The Patient Gardener who invites us to share our views each month - I am finding it a most useful opportunity to take stock and form an action plan.


  1. thanks for joining in again this month. I have to move a load of plants to accommodate a new shed to can u'stand your irritation

  2. Do you find Fatsia fascinating?
    Although ubiquitous here in Nor. California, it's a plant that can serve fine purposes in design. I moved one 3 times in the early years of my garden until I found the perfect spot.
    Then, last year, after growing lush with a multi-trunk form, it died.
    A mystery I've yet to solve.
    Sorry not to be by recently. I'm moving house & garden and life is too crazy. Alice
    (I do follow on Blotanical even when there's no time to comment:(

  3. Dear Anna, Despite what you say your border is filled with interest. Sometimes it is good to be forced into reassessing areas of the garden, often brought on by something entirely different - in your case the replacement window. I am sorry about the Hellebore caualty and do hope that recovery will take place in 'intensive care'.

    Fatsia japonica I have mixed feelings about. I used to grow it and was tremendously happy with it. Then I decided that it took up too much room and got J to dig it out. I have from time to time thought of starting again and trying to keep it quite small.

  4. It's a great idea to review the garden each month, it's amazing how it changes in such a short time and it also serves to remind you what needs to be done at different times of the year. Do you know that you have titled it 2008?

  5. A rose and a clematis at the window sound divine. Sometimes when change is forced upon us it ends up a positive experience. (Fingers crossed for the helleborus though!)

    BTW, Is it just me, or does your date title for this say "August 2008"? Time does fly! :)

  6. I've successfully moved a Fatsia - the same one twice in fact, both times cutting it back to about half, both times it has recovered really well. Now should be the perfect time, and well worth it to make room for such lovely replacements. Fatsia is great as a backdrop but can't beat a rose and clematis combo for beauty near the house...


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