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Monday, 20 June 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Shed

Whilst southern family and friend talk about drought conditions, it seems to have done little else but rain here in the north west of England for the last month or so. Not only rain but there has been wind too - in fact May bought more typical autumnal weather than it did balmy spring days. Progress at the allotment seems to move at snail pace this year. I seem to have spent much time in my shed peering out in vain for gaps in the seemingly endless procession of rain clouds. This last Saturday afternoon was no exception. I arrived at the allotment just after 3.00pm with a specific action plan in mind. Despite the promising forecast I clocked some ominous looking clouds so made strawberry and raspberry picking my priority. I am glad that I did for within an half an hour or so the skies opened, unleashing what turned out to eventually be some very heavy rain. Slowly my fellow plot holders drifted off until there were only a handful of us left on site. I was stuck having arranged for himself to pick me up later in in the afternoon. So marooned in my shed I made the most of the time listening to my tin pot radio whilst doing some more tidying up. I don't think that my shed has so been so spick and span ~  tools all in order, pots stacked in order of size, carpets swept and shelves tidied. Eventually the rain eased enough for me to venture out where I managed to complete a couple of jobs one handed whilst the other held up my umbrella. Time to exchange a few words with my previously invisible fellow plot holders who had also taken refuge in their respective sheds, time to take some sambucus cuttings generously offered by another plot holder and then home clutching strawberries for a sticky evening of jam making.


  1. Well, Anna, if it's any consolation, the northwest portion of N. America is under the same shroud. It sounds like despite the deluge you were able to get a lot done. Here's hoping for blue skies for both of us. Soon!

  2. Month or so! - it started raining the day we got back from Malvern and it has been so cold with it - my "summer plants" are just sitting in the ground shivering! Or being knocked about by the wind - it has been grim. It is unbelievable that the South is having such drought conditions!

    Well at least you have a lovely clean tidy shed now and you have picked your own strawberries - (jealous, must grow me some strawberries next year)

  3. Drought conditions are over here - in the last week I think we've had all the rain we didn't have through March-May! My poor plants are so confused, especially the tomatoes, which I'd hardened off and planted outside - just before the daytime temperature plummeted from 25 to 11!

    I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  4. Hi Anna,

    Oh dear, sorry to hear you've been having such bad weather??! I hope it brightens up for you and you're able to get on with the allotment.

    We've finally had some promised rain here this evening, but it's been very hot today - both my boyfriend and I have had two showers today!

  5. Your time at the allotment wasn't totally in vain if you managed to pick the strawberries. I bet your jam is yummy.

  6. Anna, after the drought has come the flood. We have had deluges here in Suffolk! So confusing for the plants but the veg is looking great. My strawberries are the best ever. I bet your jam will be yummy.

    Love the sound of the Twilight Garden book!


  7. We've had rain finally. Don't knock it, we never know the value of water 'til the well runs dry. I guess your shed was watertight?

  8. I love the idea that if you can't garden, make jam! Oh, and what a cute bucket. :) (Rain here too - my lawn is squeaking when I walk on it lol)

  9. I dream about having enough soft fruit for jam! And a shed large enough to cower in and tidy... A carpeted shed with a radio sounds like a rather lovely refuge, though I agree that the weather has been "a bit much" one way or another.


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