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Thursday 1 September 2011

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - September 2011

"Now thin mists temper the slow-ripening beams
Of the September sun: his golden gleams
On gaudy flowers shine, that prank the rows
Of high-grown hollyhocks, and all tall show
That Autumn flaunteth in his bushy bowers;
Where tomtits, hanging from the drooping heads
Of giant sunflowers, peck the nutty seeds;
An in the feathery aster bees on wing
Seize and set free the honied flowers,
Till thousand stars leap with their visiting:
While ever across the path mazily flit,
Unpiloted in the sun,
The dreamy butterflies
With dazzling colours powdered and soft glooms,
White, black and crimson stripes, and peacock eyes,
Or on change flowers sit,
With idle effort plundering one by one
The nectaries of deepest-throated blooms."
~ 'The Garden in September ' - Robert Bridges 

This post has been inspired by Carolyn Choi over at Sweet Home And Garden Chicago. Carolyn's blog is presently closed, as she has moved from Chicago to be nearer loved family members in Carolina. I hope that the move goes well for her and hope that we hear about her new garden in the future. In the meantime as I have derived so much pleasure from Garden Bloggers Muse Day I will be continuing with a monthly muse.


  1. A perfect poem for September, and a lovely photo to accompany it.

  2. I've been thinking my garden's rather lacking on the aster front, your photo proves it!

    I'm continuing with Muse Day - it's too enjoyable not to isn't it?

  3. September's a good month dan le Jardin.

    Asters prove that.

  4. A lovely poem to celebrate the beginning of September, Anna. I am ready for autumn after such a long, hot summer; finally, we have some cooler temperatures that make me feel like fall has arrived. I've missed the last few Garden Muse days, but I hope to start in again. I think it's a great way to start each month.


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