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Sunday, 2 October 2011

End Of Month View ~ September 2011

Slowly but inveitably the colour is ebbing away now in the EOMV as the dahlias and penstemons wind down, although I have been pleased to note that other plants have come to the fore. What is still going strong and has made amazing growth from the little plant purchased earlier this year is geranium 'Bob's Blunder'. This plant originates from Cotswold Garden Flowers and is named after owner and plantsman Bob Brown. I have tried to photograph this plant several times but it is most difficult to capture the flower colour. Flecks of white appear which are not visible to the naked eye. I have tried in different light and this is the best photo so far. The foliage of this plant is very attractive - in fact I like it more than the flower. I am not sure what will happen to the foliage as the days get colder so it will be interesting to observe. Another occupant of the border which is still flourishing is the chocolate cosmos which still has a myriad of unopened buds. I am debating whether to leave it in the ground with some added protection for winter or whether to dig the tuber up and overwinter along with the dahlias.

Waiting in the wings to go in the border are some miniature daffs for spring colour, a little clump of thyme (offshoot of one already growing elsewhere in the garden) and the one and only plant that I bought on holiday. A reality check in the shape of himself reared its ugly head in the oh most so tempting nursery at Great Dixter. I was pointedly reminded in no uncertain terms that it would be nearly a fortnight before any plants hit base. I restrained myself made do with a pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny' which I bought in the last couple of days of our holiday. As it name indicates this is a minature grass and not surprisingly is the sort of plant that makes you want to reach out and stroke it. 

With thanks to Helen over at 'The Patient Gardener's Weblog' who came up with the idea of the end of month view.


  1. Oh how cruel (or wise) of himself to stop you buying plants at great dixter. I still havent been. maybe next year. I do like that geranium and will put it on the never ending wish list.
    thanks for joining in again this month.
    Glad you like the new header!

  2. I have a similar geranium with brighter flowers the foliage looks identical. Mine is in a pot and has been blooming nonstop since July. I hope you have a wonderful October.

  3. The foliage of the geranium is lovely, very unusual. It complements the flowers perfectly.

  4. What a lovely geranium, I am a sucker for purple foliage, I will make a note... I'm not sure I would have coped, being in the Great Dixter nursery and not being able to buy. Such willpower! I might have found myself buying plants and heading straight home, plans thrown to the wind...

  5. That geranium really is a good colour.

    No purchase at Great Dixter? Not even a eeny weeny little one?? How is this possible?


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