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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Le Jardin de Marie Ange

POTAGER! ~ we visited this oh so pretty potager in the Pas - de - Calais region of France in September, himself having persuaded me that as we had travelled as far south as Kent for a holiday, that it made perfect sense to go on to France for a few days afterwards. The weather was the pits but we still managed to fit in a couple of garden visits. This potager with its pear tree and pumpkins is just one part of 'Le Jardin de Marie Ange', a member of L'association des Parcs et Jardins du Nord/ Pas - de - Calais. The association promotes and publicises some 37 parks and gardens in the area that open their portals to the public. We bumped into the owner of this garden as we arrived - she was heading out for a painting class. Madame spoke a little English and "Je parle un petite peu de francais" but the language of plants is international. We chatted for ten minutes or so about her garden and other gardens to visit in the region. When we parted I felt that I had made a new pal. I plan to return to show you more of this this picturesque and most pleasing to the eye garden in future posts.

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  1. Such a pretty potager and look at that pear laden tree, wonderful.

  2. This is one of the nicest potagers I've seen. I love the tiny row of Boxwood. Amazing that it all still looks so nice this late in the year. Thank you for sharing.

  3. PLEASING to the eye!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. So pretty, I'd love to see more, I am always fascinated by the different ways people grow plants abroad. Or here for that matter!

  5. That is one very lovely potager - can't wait to see more of the garden.

  6. Anna, thank you for introducing me to a "potager." I now have a perfect goal for my garden!
    ABC Wednesday Team

  7. P may be the letter of the day but I love the nasturtiums in your photo. It's my favorite flower!

  8. I agree with everything that Janet says - I love potagers - that one is lovely and I can't wait to see more pics. Something to strive for I think.

  9. Himself is obviously a romantic so lucky you, Anna. You've threaded pearls of P particlarly well with language of pottaged plants.
    p.s. prestyg is the word verification!

  10. I love potagers and I love the idea of a French sort of NGS. Hoping to go to France next year so may have to look out for this. Love discovering new gardens and looking forward to your other photos.

  11. Such a pretty potager Anna. I gain so much inspiration from French gardens. Look forward to seeing more.



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