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Monday, 9 July 2012

A Postcard From Normandy

I have slowly been coming down to earth with a bump since returning home from a weeks holiday. We stayed in the picture postcard village of Le Bec Hellouin, which is one of 'Les Plus Beaux Villages de France' (The Most Beautiful Villages of France). The village gets its name from the stream (bec) which runs alongside it and from Herluin, the founder of its eleventh century abbey.

Not only oh most pleasing to the eye this was a most tranquil spot. We stayed in a house on the outskirts of the village - you can see the view from our bedroom window in the middle photo of the bottom row. From the house it was but a short distance along the road (middle top row photo) into the village. Traffic was extremely light so it was a most pleasant walk. The only noise (if you can call it that) we heard all week was the regular pealing of the abbey bells, bird and cricket song and the neighing of the horses from the nearby riding stables. Like most places large or small in France there was a fine restaurant, which came across on the first evening and where we had a delicious meal. We managed to be restrained and returned only the once for lunch on the last day. We were in easy reach of some delightful walks including access to a Voie Verte (Green Way), which from what I could gather, followed an old railway track for some 26 miles, with Le Bec Helloin being one of the settlements en route.

Sadly we did not manage to fit in any garden or nursery visiting but as usual French roadside planting lived up to my expectations - if only you could stop the car at roundabouts to take photos. However we did get to see more chateaux and of course eat more gateaux so more to come shortly from Normandy.


  1. There is something very tranquil about small French towns and villages isn't there. I think it's possibly to do with the lack of 'rushing', or maybe it's just because we only visit them when we're on holiday and not rushing!

    Beautiful views :-)

  2. I was thinking I'd not seen you for ages earlier today and here you are!

    Looks like you found just the place for a fine holiday. Looking forward to reading more of your travellers tales :)

  3. Oo that looks gorgeous - so picturesque. So glad you enjoyed it - it looks tres rustique!

  4. Les Plus Beaux Villages de France is a superb little organisation.

    French roadsides, certainly here in southern France are full of wild chicory. I'd say one of the best blue flowers around.

  5. Your blog has certainly brought back memories -we stayed in Le Bec for a few days several years ago - on our way back from Rouen - it was a weekend and there was a service in the abbey - we crept in at the back in our not so suitable clothes and it was magical

  6. It looks absolutely wonderful, such a picturesque little place. I'm sure you will have returned with your batteries well and truly recharged after such a relaxing holiday.

  7. It looks an absolutely delightful place to stay, super view from your bedroom window. Looking forward to hearing more about your holiday.

  8. Tranquil and charming! A place to go walking and eating and sightseeing. Willing to bet you had a lovely, restorative holiday. :)

  9. Looks gorgeous. I've heard about the planting on French roundabouts from a friend who spends a lot of time over there. One day I'll get round to getting over their myself.

  10. That looks beautiful Anna - very tranquil-looking. Chateaux and gateaux sound like perfect partners!

  11. Oh it looks blissful Anna. I love Normandy. We had a very enjoyable stay in Honfleur a few years ago, high time for another visit. Lovely photos.



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