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Sunday 9 December 2012

Déjà Vu

Yes it's that time of year again - I have just realised that Christmas is just over two weeks away and that I have much to do including finishing off my bulb planting. The goal is to have them all in before year's end. It's the same scenario each year, probably not helped by buying too many bulbs and then by being foolishly tempted by bargains. A week or so ago I came across the tail end of the bulbs at Wilkos. From being 3 for 2 bags, prices fell dramatically overnight so much so that I picked up 120 narcissus 'Tête - à- tête'. Resistance was absolutely futile. That must be my bargain of the year. I was also seduced by the  online Sarah Raven bulb sale, which resulted in a bumper bag of tulips arriving in the post a couple of weeks ago.

The writing of Christmas cards was top of the agenda for this afternoon but but I have finally given in and succumbed to the large glazed blue pot, which has been glaring at me reproachingly for some time, whilst I've been looking out of the window from the kitchen sink. It had got to the stage where I could no longer enjoy washing the dishes without acute pangs of guilt.This pot was once planted with a colourful display of tulips which had petered out over the last year or so. This spring's show was absolutely paltry, so I made a mental note at the time to plant anew. I had purchased some 'Spring Green' and 'Mount Tacoma' with this purpose in mind but then had doubts as to whether the colour of the pot would complement them. I decided instead to try to find the same bulbs that had been planted in there - a combination of 'Havran', 'Prinses Irene' and 'Couleur Cardinal'. I had originally purchased these as a collection from Sarah Raven and really liked the colour combination. I dillied and dallied so much so that the net result was that I could not locate this trio from one single source.

Then in the Sarah Raven sale the solution was staring me in the face - another of her collections in similar colours, this time 'Ballerina', 'Doll's Minuet' and 'Black Hero'. Full marks to Sarah Raven for the speed with which the order was despatched and also for the comprehensive booklet of planting instructions that came with the order.  I wrapped myself up in various layers after lunch braving an rather unpleasant blustery wind and did the deed. Himself then obliged with anti - squirrel measures, which hopefully will prevent keep their snouts until the bulbs are well established enough to resist. So the bulb mountain has diminished slightly. I think that it will be a case of little and often over the next few days weather and frozen fingers permitting. Have you got all your bulbs in yet or are you like me racing against an ever ticking clock?


  1. I stuck in 100 allium purple sensation and 5 roots of the himalayian foxtail lilly - that was a few weeks ago, i'm currntly ripping out all the bathrooms at home and replacing. Mired in DIY.

    Your tulips will repay the work investment and cold fingers etc will be forgotten in spring.

  2. It's so easy to be tempted when there's sales on. It sounds like you'll have some gorgeous displays come spring. I haven't got my tulips planted yet, I've been suffering with a chest infection for the past week, which still hasn't let up, hence the pile of Christmas cards still waiting to be written too.

  3. Hi Anna,

    Good luck with the planting. I'm just about finished... Well, I've been on this status for over a month now but still have some camassia left and that's about it. Still haven't found a home for them so might end up buying a pretty pot for them until spring.

  4. It's happened to us many times before, but bulbs then forget to plant them and discover them much later on rotting in their packets....

    At least you have made a start, little and often seems the right rhythm to take :) it's nice that you found bulbs that ate similar in colour to the ones you previously had. You know the colours will complement the pot, at the same time have something new to look forward to next spring.

  5. Little and often is good Anna. No, I dont have my bulbs planted. I took the bold decision not to plant Tulips this winter ... but I did order daffodils, of which a vast pile remain unplanted :(

    Sarah Raven really does put together some wonderful tulip combinations and I am looking forward to enjoying your Tulips via your blog in the Spring!

  6. I think mine are all in now after a big push last weekend. I love your tulip photo - those colours are just wonderful! I know the feeling of being seduced by the sarah raven website - after my foray on there I had to go out and buy more pots to put them all in! Fingers crossed for a colourful display for you come the spring.

  7. Yours will all look lovely next year, it will all be worth while!
    Got the last of my bulbs planted into pots last Saturday thank goodness, they are now in the conservatory which is just kept to 5 degrees, away from the voles, mice and squirrels! In previous years they have all been eaten!!

  8. The sales are so tempting, but our bulb planting season is long over (10 centimetres of snow!). The Thompson and Morgan newsletters are pressing me to buy seeds on special offer now... I am being very good and have resisted - so far!
    Look forward to seeing that pot of tulips in the spring!

  9. I remember that tulip combination - and the new version sounds lovely, plus Bellerina has that lovely scent. I didn't buy many bulbs this year, as I wanted to wait and see what is already here, but I do have some daffs in pots ready to sink in to the ground if there are bare patches, and guilty tulips lurking in the garage, waiting for me to make my mind up. Do I put them in pots? Mix them up or keep them separate? Or do I put them in the ground, which would mean digging out a new bed... Given how late in the year it is, I am thinking pots, but I still have to decide which pots, and whether to mix them...


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