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Monday 21 January 2013

January Reading

Although this time of year has it minuses it offers a welcome opportunity spend some time visiting fellow bloggers. Here are a couple of blogs  that I have come across in the last few months which are now becoming regular ports of call. Both of them are relatively new to the garden blogging community, so if you have not already discovered them do pay them a visit.

Firstly an introduction to Cathy over at Rambling In The Garden. Cathy started blogging in March last year although it was later on in the year before I made her acquaintance. Cathy blogs regularly about her garden, writes her own poetry and it seems that we share a love of similar flowers including snowdrops. I am looking forward to reading about Cathy's garden as it emerges from its winter's rest. 

It's also been a pleasure to meet another Anna who blogs at 'dig the outside'. Anna is a keen gardener and allotmenteer who began blogging in October 2012. Last autumn her post about gardening in the dark conjured up all sorts of images. Now that we are in a new year Anna is planning to grow giant leeks amongst other crops and has already got her sweet peas, tomatoes and broad beans off the starting block.

Are there any new to you blogs that you have come across recently? If so please let me know or perhaps you could do an introduction on your blog.


  1. I love these posts introducing us to new blogs, I'm always in the market for some new reading material. I haven't come across Cathy's blog yet so I'll have to pay her a visit, but I do know of Anna's blog.

  2. Ooh thanks, I'll go and have a read of them in a few minutes.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. Like Jo I do like these kinds of posts helps me discover other posts I might like

  4. Thanks Anna. I know and love "dig the outside" already, but must take a look at "Rambling in the Garden" later tonight! Thanks for the tip - nice idea to highlight new blogs. :D

  5. Another "thank you" from me Anna, particularly as I have just been starting to search out new bloggers. I had already come across Cathy as she had found me and commented, but am off to follow up on your other recommendation.

  6. I'm always disappointed I never seem to get the time to find new blogs. I'm struggling to keep up with everything at the moment. So I love posts like this where you've done the hard work finding new blogs for me. ;) I already follow 'Dig the Outside' but I'll take a look at Cathy's blog. Thanks for the tip. WW

  7. Anna! What a lovely surprise :) Thank you so much for posting about my blog! I'm really pleased that people are enjoying it. I've not had as much time to post lately but more importantly I've not had as much time to read. I have all my favourite blogs set up in bloglovin and it seems I have over 200 posts to catch up on! This one, as mentioned, came as a really lovely surprise. I'm going to update my blog as soon as I can with a widget of some form to show the blogs I follow too. One thing I really love about blogging is this amazing, friendly network of other bloggers! Thanks again fellow Anna! x

  8. I've begun a series on new blogs at Mr Brown Thumb's site


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