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Monday, 18 February 2013

Snowed Under

Top row, l-r - Galanthus plicatus 'Diggory', galanthus 'John Gray' and galanthus 'Mrs Thompson'.
Middle row, l-r - Galanthus 'Lapwing', galanthus 'Alan's Treat, galanthus 'Lost Labelus'
Bottom row, l-r -  yet another Galanthus 'Lost Labelus', galanthus 'Wendy's Gold, and galanthus elwessi' Mrs Macnamara'.

I've been snowed under this February - not with work or with cold white flakes but with snowdrops. Regular visitors to this blog may have noticed that I have have a weakness for these plants so please bear with me. I've really enjoyed and appreciated my 'drops this year. The colder weather has seemed to extend their flowering period, so that they are really living up to their delightful name of 'Fair Maids of February'. I would be hard pushed to name a favourite but this year my soft spot has been for 'Alan's Treat', bought as a dormant bulb last summer, in remembrance of my dear Dad whose name was Alan.

When I've not been admiring my little collection of special snowdrops, I've been out in a freezing greenhouse with hail hammering on the roof, camera in hand trying to to do them justice. Back inside I've been watching Ebay auctions amazed at the prices some folk will pay for these flowers. What intrigues me is that the snowdrops which can be obtained from specialist nurseries at reasonable prices often selling for astronomical prices on Ebay. A snowdrop I grow has been selling for up to £50 on Ebay this winter - I bought mine for less than a fifth of the price. I feel that I am letting a lucrative business opportunity pass me by.

In the cosy warmth I've also been pouring over a recent addition to my bookshelf 'Snowdrops' by Gunter Waldorf. I wish that I had come across this book a few years ago as it is at just at the right level for anybody starting off growing these bulbs. I will try and write a review soon. Of course as I read through it you can imagine that my wish list is just growing and growing.

It's also been a pleasure to discover fellow bloggers who have a similar fascination for these bulbs - Pauline over at 'Lead up the Garden Path', Cathy who blogs at 'Rambling in the Garden' and it now looks as if Helen of 'The Patient Gardener's Weblog' may be succumbing to white fever too.

I think that this will be more or less be my last completely snowdrop themed post for a while but no promises. Time to turn my thoughts to other matters.


  1. It's no wonder that these little white beauties have captured your heart, they're such pretty little flowers. I can't believe people will pay that sort of money on Ebay when they can be bought from a specialist nursery for much less.

  2. I have ordered the Snowdrop book. The lady who gave the thank yo to Joe Sharman at the event I went to yesterday referred to him as the high priest of the white fever cult. He replied that in Germany he is known as the Snowdrop Pope!!!!

  3. What an impressive collection you have. I love snowdrops, though the only named one I have added so far(starting with the must-have S. Arnott) has not appeared.

  4. Lovely photos and snowdrops,I think it is lovely when you have plants that remind you of people or things.Every anniversary we go together and buy something for our garden.The Golden showers rose by our front door is one and only once have I not had a flower on our special day on a tray with my breakfast and cuppa,that was because we had a bad winter and it flowered late.

  5. Thanks for showing us some of your little friends, Anna, and good to see you have some of those 'Lost Labelus' ones too! I have just reread the post to see why you were hammering on your greenhouse roof, but realise it was the hail hammering and not you! My special ones aren't very photogenic this year (still settling down) but I might get on my knees and have a go as they (the photos) will look better once they are cropped.I like the Gunter Waldorf book too but we couldn't have bought it much earlier as it is a fairly recent publication I believe. I have learned my lesson about buying on eBay - to check suppliers first.

  6. What a wonderful selection you have, they all look delightful. I like the snowdrop book by Gunther Waldorf because its size is far more convenient than the snowdrop "bible", to take into the garden to identify those snowdrops that have lost their labels!
    Thanks for the mention, once we are hooked on snowdrops, there is no cure!

  7. Galanthus 'John Gray' is my favourite - but love them all, Anna!

  8. Hello again, Anna – what a picture your collage is! I love to look at the tiny differences between each snowdrop variety. I love that you have one with your Dad’s name too – that’s nice and I understand that :-) Thanks for adding my image and link. That was kind of you. It’s going to be a late night tonight I suspect :-0

  9. Your pictures are beautiful and well worth your time spent in a freezing greenhouse!

  10. To each their own ;-) Beautiful photographs, well worth braving the greenhouse for.

  11. These little cuties are adorable. And I love that you have one named Alan's Treat in memory of your dad. I have ordered my first snowdrops, (not ebay!) so we shall see if I find them as adorable in person as I do in photographs.

  12. Gorgeous. I really love 'Wendy's Gold'. We went to Colesbourne a few years ago and couldn't believe the prices of some of the snowdrops. Mine are just the simple nivalis. I love the way you've captured them with the black background; it really sets them off and allows them to be fully appreciated.

  13. Wendy's Gold is awesome!! Such lovely little plants aren't they :)

  14. Fifty quid a bulb! There's definitely a opportunity -

    I guess you must plan to have your entire place carpeted in white.

  15. Hi Anna,

    I particularly love 'lost labelus' :P

    I'm pretty certain I *coulf* become obsessed with Snowdrops; but I have too much control... Sometimes that is. I know it's lurking at the back of my mind and I'm itching but always stop myself. I've never really been someone to covet plants in such a way i.e. I don't go for exotics and such.

    Lapwing is really nice, and I can see myself getting some of those beauties.


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