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Monday, 9 September 2013


Scrabble - not that most addictive and sometimes frustrating of board games but what my clematis jouiniana x 'Praecox' has done this summer. I've posted about this clematis before which is hardy, easy to care for, seems totally pest and disease free (saying that under my breath and touching wood at the same time) and is also a bee and butterfly magnet. This plant has obviously not read the books as its wingspan has attained about 20 feet this year as opposed to the 6 -10 feet that it is supposed to. It has not been fed but has just got on with it - must be a combination of last year's rain and this year's heat. It is now crawling into and up a conifer ~

Elsewhere the little flowers of geranium 'Dilys' peek their heads quite attractively out of its canopy ~

I came home from garden club last week with some seeds of a perennial lathyrus which fades from a dusky rose pink to a lilac shade and may if they germinate add one to the mix at a future date. This clematis can either be grown as ground cover as I grow it or upright as Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' grows it.

The first two photos were taken last Thursday whilst the last one was taken today and as you can see we have had some rain. Even during such a short span of time the plant is showing more signs of going over but it has shone from July onwards and thoroughly deserves its Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. I will not linger on the way that it dies down other than say that is its worst trait!

Still on the subject of clematis this plant is giving me pleasure at the moment but I've lost the label ~

I think it might be clematis 'Blekitny Aniol' (Blue Angel) but I'm not sure. Does anybody recognise it?

Two new clematis came home with me last week from the garden centre sales table. They are both Raymond Evison introductions 'Bijou' and 'Filigree'. They are of compact habit and ideal for container growing including hanging baskets. They were not much to look at as the flowers had long since died down, but at a bargain price of £6 for the two of them, they just had to make their way into my basket. Has anyone else snapped up any bargain plants recently clematis or otherwise? It seems the best time of the year to look out for them or accidentally come across them.


  1. 20 feet! Not bad at all. I wonder the reason for its scale?

    This is a good time of year to find bargains. Certainly late August 'til now, before all the perennials appear for Autumn planting and priced accordingly.


  2. It sounds like a wonderful clematis, one you can leave to get on with it. I haven't found any bargains, plant wise, just lately. There was lots of bedding plants which had been reduced when I called at the garden centre last week, but I don't really want bedding plants at this time of year, they won't last long now.

  3. Yes, I think your clematis is Blekitny Aniol, I have one climbing up the trellis hiding a huge water butt and it looks the same. I like your other clematis, such pretty little flowers.
    I'm not surprised you were tempted to buy 2 more clematis, such a bargain!

  4. Bargain indeed! You're making me want to go and buy a couple more! I love clematis but I only have the one (for now!) mine's an early one but a similar lilac colour to yours. It's not had a great year though and I'm looking forward to chopping it back and starting over again next year. I love the idea of a small one for a basket. Very cool!

  5. Thanks for the mention, Anna. It was intriguing to see your C j P sprawling as until you and Annette mentioned it I wouldn't have known it was generally grown that way - can't think of anywhere I would have space to grow it that way although I suppose it could go at the back of my species snowdrop border... perhaps I will try some cuttings. I have certainly had to bundle mine up and tie it into the post at regular intervals this year but it's good to see the flowers at eye level that way. Your first picture of it is particularly stunning - well done! Nice to have bargain clematis like that - I had 'Filigree' in a pot but seem to have lost it :(

    1. Hi Cathy, C.j.P is meant to sprawl and wouldn't dream of being tied to a post if she had her way ;)

  6. Hi Anna, I absolutely second that: C. j. Praecox is such a darling :) and it's not meant to be trained to a post but has "to go wild". I think you're right about the other Clematis and well done for making such a bargain.

  7. I have admired Cathy's Clematis Praecox, interesting to know that it can be used as ground cover too.

  8. Thanks for all your comments :) I'm pleased that although the label has gone my memory still seems intact - thanks Pauline for confirming my id!


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