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Sunday, 20 October 2013

"To market, to market"

Not to buy a fat pig in this instance but it was to to market I headed late last week, after perusing Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day posts. Invariably GBBD posts remind me of plants that I'm hankering for, are responsible for additions to the wish list or jog the recesses of my memory, as happened this month after reading Jessica's post over at rusty duck. Whatever happened to my schizostylis coccinea plants? At various points over the years I've planted red, pink and white flowering versions of this autumn flowering perennial, yet they have all vamooshed without a trace. Why and exactly when I am unable to pinpoint.

Hoping to find a replacement sooner than later I called in at our local Country Market. If you've not come across Country Markets before they are well worth a visit. Formerly known as Women's Institute Markets they changed their name several years ago now. There is a network of markets across across England and Wales - you can see exactly where here. They are usually open for a few hours each week on a specific day. On sale you will find a range of baked goods, jams, preserves, honey, eggs, fruit, vegetables, plants and crafts. All items must be home produced or home grown. I've bought a number of excellent perennials and shrubs over the years from our local market at most reasonable prices and at one stage was a plant producer for a few years.

The plants on sale usually reflect what is currently in flower so I was pleased to find that there was actually more than one schizostylis plant for sale. I agonised over which to purchase eventually opting for the one you can see above rather than a pale pink flower. It was definitely a case of "Home again, home again jiggety- jig".

PS It took me a long time to get my head round not only spelling the name of this plant but also pronouncing it. Guess what? After reading the information label that comes with each plant, I discovered that it has changed its name and is now hesperantha coccinea. I'm not sure when this happened but I'm getting too old for this name change game!


  1. Ooooh it's a beauty!
    Thanks for the link. Apparently the name is an 'across the pond' thing. Schizostylis here, Hesperantha there. Perhaps we've now fallen into line. Hope your new one does not vamoosh. Or mine...

  2. Typical, nothing at all in West Yorkshire, I'll have to venture north of the border. I love the colour you chose, I'd prefer that rather than pale pink.

  3. On the plus side, the "new" name is easier to say and spell. Pretty plant, hope it stickzs around for many, many years - and gbbd posts. Impressed at how quickly you were able to turn gbbd inspiration into an actual plant!

  4. I too had a re and a white, never to be seen again! Will wait with interest to see how you get on and if it stays with you, hope so!

  5. Me too, Anna, but then again you have to look at it like this: It'll help to train our brain and keep it young. Hopefully anyway... ;)

  6. At least Hesperantha is more pronouncable! I often stick with the old names even after they have been changed... name changes are a strain on by aging brain! Lovely plant Anna.

  7. I hate when they change the names of plants - and it seems like they are doing it a lot lately! Although, I think schizostylis needed a better name!

  8. haha - at least we are all in agreement that hesperantha is easier to pronounce!! I think I'll stick with that! How strange about their vamooshing habits - in contrast I have one that has just reappeared, and my Mum in NW Scotland has them seeding left right and centre in her drive!

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  10. I love them despite the fact the spelling of their name drove me to distraction when revising for exams. :0 I haven't grown any though. I'm not sure they would like my wet soil. Although a neighbour has some by the edge of a path. I love anything which flowers at this time of year. They provide just the boost we need as we approach winter. The whole plant naming changing thing is so annoying. My lovely editor waded through every plant mentioned in my book to make sure they were all up to date.

  11. I too love these and it was actually my mum who dug up some clumps of them for my garden some 10 years ago. We've always called them kaffir lilies, far easier to remember! I must admit I only like the Latin if it tells me something useful, otherwise I go common all the way!!

  12. Thanks for all your comments .Yes the certainly much easier to say hesperantha has crossed the Atlantic and hopefully I will get there yet when it comes to remembering its new name :)
    James I will email you.


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