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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Back Down To Earth

Slowly emerging from a post holiday blur of unpacking, washing and restocking the kitchen cupboard. Our vintage camper van has done us proud, with some five hundred miles or so of travelling throughout Normandy without as much as a grumble. Not bad for a 26 year old lady. Memorable sights and sounds included :
  • The wettest of imaginable days in the city of Bayeux, where we saw the fabulous Bayeux tapestry and experienced a medieval fair complete with local folk dancing and the most scariest looking of stilt walkers. 
  • Staying the night in the little port of Port-Bail on a campsite where camper vans can park up about hundred feet or so from the sea. Here we witnessed a glorious red sunset slowly seemingly dipping into the sea and we went to sleep to the sound of waves.      
  • Having our faces painted with the colours of the French national flag as we sat and sadly witnessed 'Les Bleus' premature exit from La Coupe du Monde.
  • Gazing down upon the small town of Arromanches, famous for its artificial 'Mulberry' harbour.
  • Flags flying from outside public buildings, shops and houses throughout Normandy to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of France. 
  • Shell strewn beaches and vivid red poppy dotted field edges.
  • The imaginative roundabout plantings which are impossible to photo but live in the memory.
  • Enjoying the odd dish or two of 'crevettes roses' accompanied by a small pot of mayonnaise and bread. Sheer bliss despite the rather messy process of eating them and the aftermath of sticky pink fingers!
  • Experiencing my first and probably last ever pop festival at Beauregard (way,way too crowded for me), where the music of the talented Agnes Obel was the highlight of the proceedings for me. Himself prefered the rather more loud and strident tones of Seasick Smith.
  • Drifts of lathyrus vernus on roadside verges, clumps of brilliant shining blue agapanthus and magnificent hollyhock towers.
  • A cluster of snails out for an evening constitutional and a touch of late sunshine.
We also fitted in one garden visit which I will touch on soon. Quite the best outcome of our holiday was that himself, who has been rather poorly since the beginning of April has returned home much fitter. Partly in response to medication but also partly due to the holiday I think. Now it's back to catching up with what's been going on in the allotment and garden. The weeds have certainly grown whilst I wasn't looking so I think that I will be playing catch up for some time to come.


  1. It all sounds wonderful Anna, happy weeding x

  2. What a wonderful break you had with so much to see and do. It is always a wrench to leave when you have had a good time and come back to the reality of an overgrown garden but I am sure you will soon get on top of it all.

  3. It looks a wonderful break and has brought back many memories of picnics in that very spot at Arromanches :-)

  4. It sounds like a wonderful holiday Anna. Love the snail picture! Have fun weeding! :)

  5. Good to hear from know and that you have been away doing something exciting instead of blogging! A most enjoyable read, and what a lovely time you have had - almost makes me want to plan a French visit with our (pending) own campervan! Glad himself has perked up and continues to do so.

  6. Sounds like a perfect holiday, and wonderful that himself is so much improved. I love the agapanthus against the perovskia. And that lathyrus vernus... Welcome back to the weeding and washing ;-)

  7. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. I'm so glad himself is feeling better and that your campervan gave you a good holiday. Coming home again is also wonderful I think, seeing how the garden has managed perfectly while you've been away!

  8. Sounds like a great holiday Anna - you've obviously had a very relaxing time. Now comes the hard part, catch-up! I'm not going away so am enjoying reading about everyone's trips.

  9. It sounds wonderful. What a lovely post. Vive La France! We are francophiles in this house and need our annual fix. Normandy is so beautiful.
    The floral displays on many roundabouts in France put ours to shame.
    Holidays are wonderful but isn' t it heaven to get back to your own garden?

  10. Such wonderful memories you've created. I know the post holiday chores so well, the washer's been on all day and the laundry basket's still full.

  11. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Pleased to hear your OH is feeling better. It's amazing how a break, some sun and a chance to rest can restore us. We're thinking of a holiday in northern France next year and have never been before so your post has whetted my appetite. Hopefully the lovely weather will ease you back into reality. Post-holiday blues are always difficult.

  12. The whole of France had a poor start to July weather-wise. That's good going in the camper... What did you wash the crevettes down with? Something pink also when the sun came out I hope.

  13. Looks like a wonderful trip, Anna! I'm still trying to figure out one photo, though--is that a snail tree?? It's always good to come back home, but getting back into the routine is not as easy. I'm still working on the weeds that grew while I was gone:)

  14. Thanks for all your lovely comments xxx


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