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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tree Following With Lucy ~ Disappearing Act

After an absence from the garden catching up with my chosen tree and its neighbour was much anticipated on my return. We arrived back home in darkness so it wasn't until the next morning that I hurtled out to see my trees with visions of finding some ripe pears dangling from the branches. I had given up any hope of eating fruit from the 'Doyenne du Comice' tree this year but was looking forward to munching pears from its neighbour a few feet away. Back in September there were nine healthy looking tantalising fruits dangling from its branches. Well what was waiting for me? Not a single solitary pear was left on the tree and no traces of cores or pips in the vicinity! Oh what disappointment and yet another year to wait before I eat one of my own pears. This waiting for my first homegrown pear is in danger of becoming a saga that may yet outlive me.

I must admit that in the flurry of activity that seems accompany holiday preparations, I may have not paid close heed to them in the week or so before we left but they were definitely still on the tree when we left. I understand that the weather was mainly dry, sunny and warm whilst we were away. However there was one wet and windy day, which may explain the rather large broken tree branch I found on the ground nearby. This was from a tree growing on the boundary of the garden not so far from the pears. My theory is that the fruits had probably ripened in this golden spell of autumn weather, only to be shaken off on that one wild day and snaffled up by one of the many passing grey squirrels which haunt the garden. Oh yes I can imagine that the flavour combo with horse chestnut conkers would be quite delicious.

Well the wait goes on. My chosen tree is now looking rather sorry for itself as you can see from the top photo being already almost completely undressed. I'm sure that it did not look so weary last October. In comparison its pear tree neighbour is still wearing mainly green. Back in September our hostess Lucy commented that she would like a closer peek at the rust affecting some of the leaves. In response to this I took a couple of photos. I will add these as a postscript to September's post but have also included them here. If you have a pear tree and see orange spots like this take action and remove the affected leaves. I was slightly consoled by a comment from Brian over at Our Garden@19, who said that his pear tree was affected by rust for the first time this year. Maybe it's just not been the year of the pear.

Thanks as always to Lucy over 'Loose And Leafy' who hosts this meme where tree followers and their trees gather from all over the show gather every month for an update.


  1. I can imagine your disappointment. We wait so long for a first harvest, especially from fruit, to have it taken from under out noses is most disheartening. Fingers crossed for next year.

  2. How disappointing, after all that anticipation! Better luck next year Anna!

  3. Oh that is too bad about the pears...I would suspect squirrels who love these fruits.

  4. What good taste the local squirrels have - but surely someone must have seen them with pear juice dribbling down their furry chins...?

  5. Oh no! How rude of them not to wait for your return... At least you know there were fruit - I am still waiting for any sign of fruit on my pear and my plums! Maybe next year...

  6. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I left a pear tree full of fruit and came home to find not one single pear. I thought perhaps neighbouring children were the culprits but perhaps it was those pesky squirrels.

  7. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I left a pear tree full of fruit and came home to find not one single pear. I thought perhaps neighbouring children were the culprits but perhaps it was those pesky squirrels.

  8. Strangely our pear tree is the opposite. It has been affected by rust in previous years but not this year.
    Do you think someone could have stolen your parents?

  9. You must be gutted Anna. I know I would be. Those squirrels have a lot to answer for I think. As us gardeners often say - there's always next year!


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