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Monday, 29 August 2016

In A Vase On Monday ~ Hiatus

Blogging is proving impossible at the moment. I've been away from home most of this month as my almost ninety two year old mother is rather poorly in hospital. Hence my silence here and also commenting on the blogs I regularly visit. I am unable to envisage when I might start posting regularly again but today I am making the most of a brief visit home. So here is my vase on a Monday where most of today's pickings have come from the allotment. In my vase is :

  • A well blended into the background dahlia probably 'Arabian Night'.
  • Tagetes patula 'Cinnabar'.
  • The remains of the only glad that is still in flower. The others have come and gone in my absence.
  • An unknown grass that would have set seed if I had not been ruthless. 
  • A couple of danglies in the shape of amaranthus caudatus 'Viridis'.
  • Scabious stellata 'Sternkugel' which I've not grown before. The flowers are a pretty enough though slightly wishy-washy shade of pale blue but then they morph into rather gorgeous papery seedheads. 

The vase is my latest find sometime in July from the charity shop that we regularly haunt when we visit our caravan. It has produced riches in the shape of new vases this year. We also have acquired a couple of new outdoor chairs and a little table but more on them another time. I hope to be back here again before too long. In the meantime will try to keep up with the blogs that I regularly visit, although I might be a silent visitor at times.

I am trying to be optimistic about my absence from home and have already made some plans and additions to the 2017 wish list, after reading this article on growing cut flowers by Louise Curley (aka Wellywoman) in August's copy of the 'The Garden' magazine.

Thanks as always to the lovely Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for the inspiration and for hosting so graciously each week. I can smell her latest vase from here!


  1. Thinking of you during this difficult time. Take care Anna.

  2. Sorry to hear your news Anna and I hope your mum is on the road to recovery soon.

  3. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery. I know how wearing hospital visiting can be, especially when you're away from home too so make sure you're looking after yourself. Thinking of you. xx

  4. Gathering your blooms must have given you great pleasure and I am sure you will take some down to your Mum when you next go. I am intrigued by the scabious - was it easy to grow? Your table looks especially nice - was it made by someone you know? Thanks for sharing today, and best wishes to all of the family

  5. That scabious is a rare treasure indeed. My seed list is getting longer daily, but this might have to be added too! All the best to you and your poor Mum.

  6. It is a hard thing you've had to do - I hope you are finding some respite in your garden when you can.
    The scabious seed head is intriguing. It looks almost turquoise in the photo. Take care of yourself.

  7. I'm sorry that your mother is going through a difficult time but I expect your presence is a tremendous comfort. Please take care of yourself - medical problems like that affect caregivers too. Your vase is an intriguing collection of blooms. Like other of the commentators, I'm very impressed by that scabiosa, which isn't something I've seen before.

  8. Imhope things improve for you and your mum soon

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your mum I know how tough it is. Savour the time you have
    and be kind to yourself
    Very best wishes

  10. I hope things get better for both you and your mother soon.

  11. Really sorry to hear about your mum, I know how hard it can be. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you xx

  12. Thinking of you and your mother, Anna. I went through that last year, and it is not easy. She is fortunate to have you with her; savor your time with her and take care of yourself.

  13. Flowers are a wonderful gift for the soul, I'm glad you made time for a vase for yourself when you are using all your energy for your mum; thinking of you at this difficult time, with love Christina

  14. HI Anna, sorry to hear about your mom, hope she'll be better soon and wishing you lots of strength during this difficult time. Your vase is beautiful. I once grew this Scabiosa and think it's most inrtiguing. Bon courage :)

  15. So sorry to hear that your mother isn't well Anna - especially as she doesn't live close by. You are lucky to have found lovely flowers to pick for your Monday vase - I would be struggling I have to say. I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon and that your mother recovers from her stay in hospital. The year is running away from us isn't it - September already - gulp!

  16. Thank you all you lovely folk for your kind thoughts and supportive comments which have helped to brighten up a difficult time - Anna xxx

  17. my heartiest prayers for you mom dear hope she get well and you feel better then.
    liked the wooden table chairs and beautiful flowers with lovely vase .
    have a blessed day


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