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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

In A Vase On Monday ~ "Three Is A Magic Number"

This week Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' has invited fellow bloggers to join in the third anniversary celebrations of her inspirational 'In A Vase On Monday' meme . I travelled back home yesterday after spending a long weekend in Cumbria. Daylight hours were gone by the time I got home so I apologise for being late joining in the party. I was looking back on my blog posts this morning wondering when I assembled my first vase, which as it turns out was not until the middle of April 2014! I wrote then that :

"I've enjoyed this meme but have not participated up to now, the main reason being that I do not pick many flowers to bring into the house. Maybe the odd snowdrop posy will make it indoors in the winter and then throughout the summer bunches of sweet peas picked from the allotment come home with me two or three times a week. Other than that I have never really made a habit of picking flowers for the house."

My initial vase came about by what turned out to be a most happy accident but since then I have actively sought to put vases together and now look forward to Mondays. It dawned upon me eventually that I've always had a cutting garden of sorts at the allotment. As well as the stalwart sweet pea wigwams, there have always been odds and ends of annuals growing on the plot. These pickings together with perennial flowers from the garden usually combine together to fill my vases whenever I'm able to join in. Over the last few months I've lost my blogging mojo, mainly because of ongoing family matters, which have consumed a lot of my time as well as my energy. 'In A Vase On Monday' has provided an invaluable lifeline as far as my blog is concerned, so Cathy I owe you a huge and most heartfelt thank you for keeping my blog ticking over ♥︎ xxx

This week's third anniversary tribute comprises :

  • A trio of milk bottle vases bought on holiday this summer with 'In A Vase On Monday' in mind.
  • A trio of flowers namely three stems of persicaria amplexis 'Firetail', six stems of the annual scabiosa stellata 'Sternkugel' and a stem of 'New Dawn' roses. Unfortunately I was unable to find a rose stem bearing any multiple of three.
  • A trio of 'Wee-B- Little' pumpkins for some seasonal decoration, which I've squirrelled away, as part of my autumnal store cupboard. My cupboard sadly is sadly not as prolific as the wonderful bursting to the seams dresser in Jill Barklems's illustration from 'Autumn Story', a copy of which is is nestled behind my vases.

Thanks for giving us so much pleasure Cathy and long may 'In A Vase On Monday' thrive and prosper. You are an absolute star ⭐️


  1. Oh, so your train was going in the opposite direction so I was waving in vain! Vases since April 2014 means you have been participating for more than two and a half years which certainly makes you a loyal follower of the meme and thus justas much a star as you seem to think I am ;) Your illustration today is wonderful and you have such a good collection of these which pop up every so often to amuse us. Your own pumpkins though are the cutest things going, and I like your selection of blooms in the trio of bottles. I have got seed of this scabious for next year and am also still enjoying my own 'New Dawn' which has had a new lease of life this year after Clematis jouiniana was removed from around its ankles - such a pretty shade, isn't it? We appreciate you popping in and out of blogging as your family commitments permit - always good to hear from you :)

  2. New Dawn and Firetail are such reliable stars in the garden flowering well into winter if the weather stays kind. I'm most intrigued by Sternkugel - had it one year in my Swiss garden and haven't come across it anymore afterwards. How is your Mum by the way? Hope things have settled for you. Happy autumn days, Anna :)

  3. I use my Wordless Wednesday posts in a similar way to keep things ticking over mid week. Now though I seem to have posts stacking up but I don't want to abandon Wordless Wednesday either.

  4. Hi Anna. A lovely arrangement for the anniversary. I think I must have started joining in around the same time as you. I had a similar blogging dip last year, but this meme kept me posting all through the autumn and winter. :)

  5. A lovely arrangement. I think memes of this kind encourage us to continue with something we wouldn't ordinarily do. Not only do you fill a vase with flowers but you create such a lovely arrangement each Monday.

  6. A very seasonal and appropriate arrangement Anna.

  7. Beautiful vases! I love the colors. It's my dream to have a cutting garden.

  8. I am fascinated by that book illustration. So many layers!


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