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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Almost Worldless Wednesday ~ Not On Tonight's Menu

Spotted last night growing on our gravel driveway leading to the garage a new to me mushroom. We regularly come across mushrooms growing in the garden but usually in the autumn. My initial research suggests that this might be a common morel, which is a much sought-after edible mushroom. However with no definite identification it was left to passing woodlice and their friends for their supper. Any mycologists about? 


  1. No comment Anna - but what a gorgeous 'shroom! In France you are supposed to be able to take them to the local pharmacy for ID. Is there something like that with you?

  2. My initial thoughts when I saw your photo - 'ooh a morel!':), though I don't know whether morels have any sinister lookalikes.

  3. I'd be a reluctant diner too. It's a fascinating fungi though.

  4. On first glance I thought it looked like a Common Morel; checking in Roger Phillip's excellent mushroom ID book confirms that. The false morel doesn't really look like your image - lucky you having them grow in your garden!!!!

  5. I love mushrooms but would wish to be certain of their ID before eating those.

  6. My first thought was 'morel' too even though I know very little about them - but even with a positive ID I would not be eating it... a severe lecture from friends' parents when I was about 8 about the perils of picking wild mushrooms and toadstools has put paid to that. OK, the ones we picked were red and poisonous, but reprimands run deep...!


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