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Friday, 2 June 2017

EOMV May 2017 ~ Watering Can Neck

Tennis elbow, driver's arm, writer's cramp, housemaid's knee .... is there such a condition as watering can neck? If not can I make a plea for it to be included in dictionaries across the land forthwith. The early part of May passed in a blur of pain, which was located at the top of my spine spreading out to my shoulders. I was unable to think of anything that could have caused it other than the increased lugging of full watering cans. Himself kindly applied foul smelling liniment to the affected parts but it was slow to abate. Needless to say gardening and other activities suffered.

The splendid trio of watering cans in the above photo are not mine but were spotted in the garden of a cottage in Bishop's Castle, Shropshire where we spent a most enjoyable weekend in the middle of the month. Another highlight of the month was a visit to Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire in the company of a good friend, where we were held spellbound by dandelion and fairy sculptures as well as a memorable display of tulips. A return visit is on the cards later this year.

Meanwhile whilst the neck pained the garden did its own thing so May was filled with the loveliness that is chestnut candles, lily-of-the valley, cow parsley, bluebells, honesty, sweet rocket, aquilegias, Solomon's Seal, alliums, tulips and geranium phaeum in various hues and shades. I hobbled in and out of the greenhouse just about keeping in top of the watering and was pleased that I've not grown as much from seed as in some previous years. For the second year running I've not sown tomato seeds but obtained them as small plants from Simpson's Seeds. Both the quality and variety choice is excellent and I'm not left with surplus plants to care for and rehome.

There's been much in the way of weeding, planting and constructing bunny deterrents at the allotment and not much in the way of eating produce. However by the end of the month there were encouraging signs that we will be picking soft fruit soon including raspberries, strawberries and goosegogs. The apple crop looks as if it will be good, shallots and potatoes are doing well so far, French beans have been planted and this weekend will see courgettes and pumpkins move from home where they have been hardening off, to being hopefully planted in their permanent positions. The non-edibles such as sweet peas are just starting to show colour which is a sure sign that summer is knocking at the door. May is without a doubt my favourite month of the year so I'm always slightly sad to see the back of it but still looking forward to the delights of June.


  1. I think the attraction of May is that it seems to mark the start of the 'real' gardening season. We have been busy setting up our berry protection.

  2. I hope you're feeling better now. It's been much drier this year so the watering has started much sooner than usual, perhaps you took your body by surprise lugging watering cans around in May. I've put Trentham Gardens on my list of places to visit, I looked at the website when you mentioned it previously and it looks wonderful.

  3. I agree, May is the best month. Take care of yourself Anna, a lot more of summer still to come. Yippee!

  4. I have suffered from 'watering can wrists' in the past, also not in the dictionary yet! I just love those dandelion sculptures - so realistic. I know what you mean about May, but June should be lovely too, with the added bonus of fresh strawberries!

  5. So sorry to hear about your watering can neck 😐 Hope you have not been lugging huge metal cans around, Anna - 6 litre plastic ones are much more manageable! Good to know that the allotment is looking bountiful even if you think the garden has been neglected. I really must pencil a day to get to Trentham, which is less than an hour away - I just ADORE those sculptures!

  6. I hope you are soon back to full fitness Anna, it is frustrating for a gardener to be out of action especially at this time of year. Trentham is wonderful.

  7. Oh dear, you poor thing, I hope you are better now. I am going to Trentham in September thanks for the taster.


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