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Monday, 11 September 2017

In A Vase In Monday ~ Between The Showers

Getting a vase together has been somewhat of a challenge today - the weather is more like the middle of October than September - wild, windy and wet. However compared to the dreadful hurricane that has battered the Caribbean and Florida we can't complain. There was a suitable gap between the showers late this afternoon and I dashed out, picked and then took a quick photo before my vase disappeared over the edge of the railings. What you can't see is the twelve foot or so drop down into the stream behind.

In today's 'In A Vase On Monday' are a spray of rose 'The Fairy', ammi visnaga 'Compact', symphyotrichum (the artist previously known as aster) 'Little Carlow' and clematis jouiniana' Praecox'. The vase was a small teapot at some stage in its life before it ended up in the charity shop I found it in.

The forecast is more of the same so there were will be plenty of time for vase hopping, once we have tended to pressing domestic tasks such as making damson gin. Thanks as always to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for so graciously hosting every week come rain or shine.


  1. Yes, our showers have been short but frequent, so I opted for long overdue filing and sorting unopened non-urgent post. These non-urgent jobs have been shelved pending such a day as today! I would have snapped up that teapot too if I had seen it, and it is perfect for your chosen fillers. Must try 'Little Carlow' again as it is so pretty - and you will see when you find my vase that I have that celmatis in mine too! Thanks for sharing

  2. That a really sweet arrangement...sugared almond colours!

  3. Oh I am smitten with your vase...reminds me of June! Lovely!

  4. I'm sorry that your flowers are getting battered but glad that you could make use of them to fill your pretty teapot. I love that clematis!

  5. Our poor flowers are being battered to pieces and the beds on the plot were looking so good

  6. I admired Cathy's clematis and now I must admire yours too. Aren't they lovely flowers! I think my Aster must be the same one as yours, so glad I can now give it a name. Love the teapot as a vase. Hope you get a bit of milder, more clement weather... we have given up hope of an Indian summer, although I suppose there is time yet!

  7. So pretty! I have "the Fairy" rose too! Isn't it lovely? I wish it was more fragrant, though. Your flowers look good despite the rain and wind! :)


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