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Monday, 9 July 2018

In A Vase On Monday ~ Firstlings

Again another late in the day vase for me - it wasn't until mid afternoon that I got to the allotment to water and pick a couple of stems for today's 'In A Vase On Monday'. Taking centre stage in today's vase is the very first flower of a new to me dahlia by the name of 'Henriette'. She was twirling around in the breeze in need of companions but she was ahead of them in opening. Also here is my very first ever zinnia flower! It's zinnia elegans 'Queen Red Lime'. I think that our hostess Cathy featured her very first zinnia last week. Up to now getting these to grow let alone flower has always eluded me. Normally my seedlings have shrivelled up or have been decimated by the molluscs. This year's batch were all sown under cover in coir pellets in May. I'm not sure whether that technique helped or whether they've just thrived with the heat but they are happy zinnias this year. The inside of the flower is an exquisite colour. I need to to take more photos to do this particular majesty justice.

The 'Romanesco' courgette is also the first of the year, again from seed sown in May. Unfortunately some of the other courgettes on the same plant are turning yellow. The allotment is flagging like me. Watering can duties seemed onerous on a humid afternoon. I think that I was feeling sorry for myself as I was bitten by some nasty creature during the night and woke up sporting an eye that looks as if it has been in a boxing match. Off for now to apply a cold compress or maybe a slice of cucumber to the offending area. Thanks as always to our hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' who I hope is managing to keep cool.

P.S. I've had a couple of lovely comments recently from Penny Post. Unfortunately I can't deduce from the comments whether Penny has a blog as if so I would like to visit. If you read this Penny please let me know or maybe some of my other visitors can point me in the right direction.


  1. Oh congratulations on all your firstlings, Anna, especially that Zinnia as I have alsways thought the greeny ones were harder than the average zinnia to grow anyway. It is certainly very pretty :) I wonder if it is the heat that has made the difference as I have certainly had more success this year too. Let's hope we can let up on the watering soon!

  2. Would a slice of courgette be a good substitute for cucumber. I would also like a break from hefting watering cans.

  3. i's never heard of Zinnia's until this weekend and now you are the third person to write about them, something new for me to try out next year. Yes I have a blog 'This & That' is the title but it is a Wordpress one so any posts on Google blogs don't link you to it. Here's the link should you want to visit.

  4. Congratulations on your firsts, Anna! The dahlia is a luscious color and I look forward to seeing more in future posts. Both dahlias and zinnias love the heat as long as they also get sufficient water. I'm going to look for some zinnia plugs myself, to add to the seedlings I've already got.

  5. I'm growing dahlias for the first time this year, Anna - all in pots for now and not flowering yet. I'm woefully behind in my gardening, it's hard to muster enthusiasm without easy access to water although I AM enjoying the sunshine. Makes a change from the usual British summertime! :)

  6. Firstlings are the ones which give us such pleasure. That's a lovely Dahlia. Hope that you have recovered from that bite.


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