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Monday, 20 August 2018

In A Vase On Monday ~ Seasonal Shift

Is it my imagination or does today's vase have a decided hint of autumn about it? The fact that the skies were rather dull when I took the photo didn't help matters much. The cooler but much kinder weather has continued and looks as if it will be about this week too. I'm feeling much more energetic and have a long list of both indoor and outdoor jobs to tackle so time for list making methinks. 

In today's 'In A Vase On Monday' are :
  • More of the rudbeckia 'Sahara' mix that I grew from seed earlier this year. The bud that was tantalisingly teasing me last week has now opened and I think that it might be the promised merlot shade. The flowers so far have all been double with the exception of one plant that has single flowers. It's in the vase but is hiding at the back along with a deep dark red dahlia bud. As I wrote last week I think that I sowed the rudbeckia in February but I've still not found the label. I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps I've stuck it in the ground at the allotment so will check in due course.
  • Another zinnia from a Sarah Raven 'Pale Zinnia Mix'. At the risk of repeating myself I'm delighted with these.
  • Some snipings from one of the elderflowers that are dotted about the garden. These were all inherited but are most welcome both for their frothy white flowers in spring and for the berries at this time of year. As you can see the berries are already on the turn. The berries are a perfect delicacy for birds especially wood pigeons who seem to have the most healthy of appetites. They are not likely to last long but hopefully will divert any passing birds from the crabapples for now. 
Our lovely hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' is celebrating Monday with some fabulous glowing dahlias.  Do visit her if you haven't already. I wonder what else is filling vases big and small this week. I'll have fun finding out later but for now list making calls.


  1. It does look autumnal and it actually feels rather autumnal too. The season seem to have jumped along a place.

  2. What a beautiful fall vase reminding us that summer is almost over.

  3. I too was just thinking yesterady that it is time for list-making again!! Those rudbeckia are gorgeous and although I don't usually like mixed varieties these look so pretty together and I might make an exception. Sadly they do make your vase look a tad autumnal, especially with the elderberries, but it is very pretty and autumn is just part of the natural way of things of course. Oh, and I am sure your deep dark red dahlia is very pretty too!

  4. Your gorgeous vase has a wonderfully autumnal feel about it. While I love autumn, it's a bit of a melancholy time as my summer fun fiddling in the garden like a cricket will soon be replaced by the more ant-like endeavors as the business of the academic year begins again.

  5. What a lovely combination of colours...and the elderberries really do add something. Have you made elderberry cordial? A real must for the winter...A real old English winter tonic, and if you love a tipple, great for adding to some gin...let us say it is the secret English equivalent to Creme de Cassis!

  6. I love the autumnal feel of the arrangement, Anna, and only wish is could conjure an actual shift in the seasons. Summer lasts all to long here! Not that I wish my dahlias and zinnias gone quite yet but a good break in the heat would be lovely...

  7. Totally look like fall! Love those colors pared with that vase. Summer us so long here, but I can tell fall is coming. Our highs are still in the mid or upper 90's, but the lows are going down into the 70's!

  8. Yes, lovely autumnal colours. I love the rich shades of the rudbeckias.

  9. I had given up on Rudbeckia but your use of rudbeckia 'Sahara' the last couple of weeks makes me think again. There is a shift in the weather; we've had heavy thunderstorms for the last couple of weeks and temperatures are manageable.


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