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Monday 29 October 2018

In A Vase On Monday ~ Just In The Nick Of Time

Yesterday's weather forecast suggested that it might be an opportune moment to do some dahlia snipping. If not the cruel jaws of hard frost might inflict some damage. Sure enough today's inspection revealed ugly blackened dahlia foliage and had I left it I think that the flower would have also looked somewhat forlorn. I'm not sure which variety of dahlia it is. It has been in a pot at home and sadly has only just got going in the flowering stakes, unlike the dahlias planted at the allotment which have flowered from mid summer onwards. Along with the dahlia are a couple of sprigs of a hardy fuchsia, which may possibly be 'Hawkshead'. It was grown from a cutting from a roadside planting taken years ago. The final occupant of my milk bottle vase is arum italicum, the emerging foliage of which took me by surprise a few days ago. There is a patch of snowdrops planted in front of it but no signs of emerging snouts as yet. Not long to wait though - I am all of a quiver with anticipation at the very thought!

Thanks as always to the lovely Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for being such an excellent hostess. 


  1. I am glad you were able to save this lovely dahlia...perfect foliage for it to make a lovely vase!

  2. What a remarkably pristine dahlia, Anna, and well worth the rescue mission. I am just trying to think whether I have arum leaves or not but tend to think the leaves have been and gone - but then do they get a fresh batch? Too dark to check now! The leaves are such a pretty addition to any vase. With that pinkish tinge the fuchsia looks as if it is one of the ubiquitous magellanica ones that must have escaped from gardens at some tome and are now populating the countryside. I have been adding some white narcissus to my special snowdrop bed but didn't disturb any green shoots. Still need to clear the remnants of summer annuals ready for our preciouses' emergence. By the way, I am planning a Feb NGS opening in 2020 for snowdrops and witch hazels so will be monitoring the garden this coming Feb to see what jobs need to be done at that time of year

  3. Italian arum leaves are the most beautiful leaves.

  4. Our dahlias were blackened overnight too.

  5. Can't believe you've had frost already! Glad you were able to save this beauty. Love arum too and to see how the foliage behaves in winter when frost flattens it completely and it rises again as if nothing ever happened as soon as it gets milder never ceases to amaze us. Keep warm, dear Anna :)

  6. A lovely dahlia and the arum leaf is so pretty too. Goodness, snowdrop season already? I know you have some early ones... well, I suppose we are into November now so I look forward to seeing your first drops Anna!


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