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Monday, 22 April 2019

In A Vase On Monday ~ Dawn Chorus

We've been blessed with the most fabulous weather over the Easter period - more befitting the middle of summer than spring. Maybe too hot for all the work that I planned to do at the allotment but perfect just to pause and lap up the warmth and marvel at what is coming into flower. I'm waking up earlier and earlier each day as the birds are singing so loudly. My clock tells me it is around 5.00am but I'm happy just to lie there and listen before I doze for a while longer.

So as you can birds have crept into my 'In A Vase On Monday' this week - this little ceramic trio usually live inside. As I can't remember where they came from or how long I've had them it suggests it was some time ago. No chocolate this year but my Easter vase just had to have some daffies in it. In my vase are :

  • 'Tête-à-tête' narcissus  - when I found out that Easter was so late this year I decided to plant some bulbs early in the new year. These have just managed to flower in time. I grew them in pots and they are a bit shorter stemmed than usual but otherwise no worse off for the experience.
  • Narcissus 'Thalia' which are growing in a very shady spot. They are past their sell by date as a whole but there were still the odd lingerers.
  • An all time favourite in the shape of a couple of stems of lamprocapnos spectabilis alba also known as bleeding heart. Since the name change from dicentra spectablis I always have to check on its new name.
  • Another plant whose name evades me in the shape of the green flowers provided by the perennial  mathiasella bupleuroides 'Green Dream. Now that's a mouthful if ever there was one! 
  • Finally the pale lavender flowers of the perennial honesty - lunaria rediviva. Cathy over at 'Words And Herbs' featured the dried elliptical seed heads of this in one of her vases not that long ago. I grew my plant from seed in 2017 and this is second year of flowering. It has grown too big where I planted it so has been in a pot for a few weeks awaiting rehousing. Not only are the flowers and seedheads attractive but the flowers are also most sweetly and noticeably scented.
As always a big thank you to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for being such an eggsellent hostess each Monday. Do visit and see what she has put together this week as well as peek at other vases chock-a-block full of spring beauty.


  1. 'eggsellent' - teehee! Some of your very appropriately springlike contents have been on my wish list and I must get round to doing something about them (the mathiasella and the honesty), And didn't I use to have a white dicentra? Not sure if I have now!! Interesting to read that your T-a-T still flowered after such a late planting. The early birds provide a timely touch to the vase and I hope you are managing to get to bed earlier to make up for your tuneful awakenings. I think you will still need your floppy hat tomorrow, but then maybe some of the wet stuff on Weds...

  2. That's a lovely post which includes the weather and the bird song...all those little things that us gardeners love to observe and enjoy. The white daffodil Thalia is a star...and I didn't know that there was a 'perennial' honesty. I think the white love lies a bleeding is so sweet too.

  3. An altogether lovely arrangement, Cathy! My eye was immediately drawn to the green Mathiasella, which I've never seen nor heard of before. Out of general curiosity, not expecting there was any chance this was a plant that might grow in my climate, I looked it up and found that it's relatively drought-tolerant AND it will grow here. One of my favorite growers, based in Santa Barbara a couple hours to the north of my home, had a detailed listing on the plant. They don't currently have it available but noted that they're trying to get it back in production. Yay!

  4. Lovely. I adore Thalias. Green Dream is new to me--looks perky in the vase among the daffodils.

  5. A perfect Easter arrangement with some of my favourite spring flowers. Your bleeding heart is way in front of mine, no sign of any flowers here yet. I just wanted to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my last post about the death of my mum, it was very much appreciated and helped so much to know that people were thinking of me at this sad time xx

  6. Lovely vase Anna. Bleeding Heart will always be Dicentra for me as I can't remember the new name either, let alone pronounce it! I must check to see if my Lunaria is flowering yet as it is in a shady spot.


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