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Monday, 5 August 2019

In A Vase On Monday ~ Allotment Pickings

The contents of this week vase had to suffer the indignity of suffering a bus journey back from the allotment to reach their destination. They did well to arrive substantially less crumpled, sticky and weary than I was. It was one of those unpleasantly muggy days that we seem to have had too many of this summer. They were just as appreciative of a long cool drink on arrival home as I was but I spared them the ice and a slice.

In my vase are :
  • The first flower of rudbeckia 'Sahara', which were sown back in February in a heated propagator. Plans to end up with more plants than I did last year sadly didn't materialise. Note and reprimand to self - must do better next year!
  • Cornflower 'Blue Ball' which was directly sown last September. The cornflowers have done well this year. I think that the blue and mauve remain my favourites. They are beginning to look a bit straggly now. I've not been able to keep up with deadheading them this summer which doesn't help their general appearance.
  • A bronze fennel flowerhead. This is an old favourite despite its self seeding tendencies. It's one of those plants which is pure joy to feel and to smell. My original plant came from a fellow local gardening club member.
  • Some sweet pea flowers. I think that this might be lathyrus 'Noel Sutton'. All my sweet peas were sown in March and the plants are now planted up a couple of bamboo wigwam structures at the allotment. I can sense a sweet pea vase coming soon.
  • Tropaeolum majus 'Milkmaid'. Nasturtiums are always a must at the allotment. They self seed and are descendants of 'Empress of India' or 'Blue Pepe'. This year I also sowed some seeds from one of those 'freebie' packets of seeds that come with gardening magazine. 'Milkmaid' has flourished and will be sown again in the spring as an insurance policy just in case. She spreads well, is most floriferous and is an an appealing soft creamy yellow.
A special thanks must go as always to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for providing perennial inspiration to snip flowers and greenery to fill a vase on a Monday.


  1. The milkmaid nasturtium is a lovely cool shade....often they are not and them all. Cornflowers are so floriferous, it's hard to keep up with deadheading.... I have let my cornflowers do their own thing, and now the goldfinches are enjoying the seed. Your first rudbeckia is a beauty.

  2. Sahara looks an interesting rudbeckia - is it double when it opens? My varieties have not been especially floriferous this year. Do you sow your cornflowers direct? I think my ones that didn't overwinter have done better ie sown later. A blue and yellow combination of blooms always works well.doesn't it? I can see that the fennel is very similar to the rudolfia that I have grown. Thanks for sharing, Anna - hope you have colled down. It has been quite humid here today as it was meant to rain but hasn't, and has been sunny instead

  3. The buttery yellows look lovely with the cool blues, Anna. You've reminded me that I tried 'Sahara' one year and maybe should again, even if Rudbeckia is mostly just an expensive annual here. I hope some cooler, drier days are in your forecast.

  4. Oh what a stunning vase, and such dedication and love to bring it home on a bus.

  5. I love this colour combination Anna. I do like the creamy yellow Nasturtium. Perhaps I'll grow some again next year as we have no slugs at the new garden! :)

  6. Bronze fennel - I need to replace my gone plant.


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