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Monday, 8 November 2021

IVOM - Pieces Of Eight

Today sees eight years of a weekly celebration of vases containing a myriad of wonderful flowers and foliage and other plant material along the way. Although I didn't join in posting with in 'A Vase On Monday' from the start I think that that my first vase came along the following spring. As with all other autumn or winter birthday celebrations there are perhaps not as many choices on offer. Today though Cathy invited us to pick perhaps some material that might be sometimes regarded as past its sell by date but is still every bit as beautiful in it's own right. I have to admit that my flowers are not dried as such but at this stage of the year they are certainly faded or air dried. In my vase today are :

  • Some lunaria annua or annual honesty seed heads - purple or white spring flowers, plain green, purple or variegated leaves followed by seed cases which resemble fabulous silvery shining paper moons. No doubt they creep into a good few households including mine every festive season.
  • Some seed heads of papaver 'Lauren's Grape' which flowers a delicious deep purple plum colour. I leave a few on every winter and am rewarded with seedlings the following year.
  • A couple of seed heads of daucus carrota. I noticed today that the stems are now a red colour. I'm sure that they were green in the summer. I must look more closely year. 
  • Some fading flowers of physocarpus, probably 'Diablo'.
  • Finally a sprig of panicum capillare 'Sparkling Fountain' which caught my attention when it floated past the window one windy afternoon last month. I braved the elements to rescue it and shook the remaining seeds into a bowl. Thinking that it might come in handy for something it has been sitting in the greenhouse ever since.

I paused for sometime when I had put everything into my vase convinced that something vital was missing before I realised that of course for once no water was required! 

Thanks as always dear Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for your dedication and love in keeping us gathering virtually on Mondays to share our weekly pickings. This habit has certainly widened my knowledge of plants as well as improving my powers of observation.  I do get fond of my Monday snippings and am sad when they exit to the compost heap or green bin but then I smile as there's never long to wait until another Monday comes along.


  1. That's a great title Anna - I opted out of including the number in mine this year, so you have done is proud with yours 👍 I am so glad you feel you have learned from the meme - I know I have, and the community has been wonderfully generous with knowledge as well as plant material. The physocarpus is so pretty, glowing in your little vase, wit the grasses and seedheads. AS you say, these vases don't need topping up at all! Thanks for sharing yours today and all the oter weeks and months

  2. I love the dashes of red color, Anna. I'd never thought of saving any Daucus carota seed heads and now I wish I had!

  3. A shining vase Anna. It seems to be celebrating.

  4. So much better than any fireworks. I was otherwise engaged elsewhere, both in mind and body and was very sorry to have missed the special day.

  5. A great title. And how lovely it looks in the gorgeous, glowing red glass. The grass is gorgeous too.

  6. This is lovely all the glowing purply reds singing together


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