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Monday, 27 June 2022

IaVOM ~ Shades Of Summer

It's just as well that the weekend's unseasonable strong winds have dropped enough to risk balancing a vase on the normal 'In A Vase On Monday' perch (thirty foot so drop into a stream behind) as otherwise it would have been a perilousbusiness. After some needed heavy rain this morning the skies are more benign so I have been out with the secateurs. In this weeks's vase are shades of green, red and pink. The occupants are as follows :

  • Red astrantias - given by where it's planted this is either 'Ruby Wedding' or 'Hadspen Blood'. The red astrantias are never as prolific in the garden for me but they are so beautiful. Elsewhere in the garden I have more reds in the shape of more recent purchases of 'Gill Richardson' and 'Burgundy Manor' which I think are more striking and perhaps more vigorous. 
  • Some sprays of the delicate pink perennial linaria 'Canon Went, which although a self-seeder does so with considerate restraint unlike it's sibling linaria purpurea. Whether purple or pink the bees and other pollinators appreciate these flowers.
  • A stem of dianthus 'Sooty', with the deepest of red flowers which as well as being scented has attractive dark foliage. I sowed this biennial last summer and hopefully it will last more than one season. 

  • Dianthus 'Green Trick' - I grew this short lived perennial few years ago at the allotment where it eventually petered out. I bought this one as a plug plant earlier this year and will try to remember to take some cuttings in late summer to establish plants for next year. This variety doesn't have the normal dianthus scent. 
  • Some foliage in the shape of rosa glauca. This has one flush of small single pink flowers but it's the grey leaves that are the star feature.
  •  A couple of stems of mathiasella bupleuroides 'Green Dream' which is a perennial. This is one plant that I have to check on the spelling every time I mention it. The green bracts slowly turn a soft pink as they age. As well as cutting fresh it dries well. 

A big thanks to Cathy from 'Rambling In The Garden' for hosting. As always I'm most curious to see what is in other participant's vases this Momday.


  1. The mathiasella bupleuroides is really interesting. I love how it changes color.

  2. Such a lovely vase Anna. The pink Linaria is perfect with those shades of green. Love the red astrantias too. Your 'Green Dream' is really pretty and new to me. I must take a note of that name. Hope your weather improves as the week progresses! :-)

  3. Oh you have reminded me about Green Dream, definitely something to seek out - does it make a shapely plant? I too love the dark astrantias, which make such a striking statement but do take so much longer to bulk up. Your linaria looks to have really chunky stems but is it just an optical illusion? I have just grown some of a pink variety grown from seed supplied by Cathy of W&H but the spikes are thin like the purple ones and we don't know if it is Canon Went although I think I labelled it as such. Good to hear the bees love it. Thanks for sharing - and I hadn't realised your drop was as much as 30 feet...please take care, Anna!!

  4. The pink and green mix is luscious, Anna (and I'm glad you weren't force to wade through a stream to pick up the remnants of your arrangement). I adore Astrantia, which I've probably enviously mentioned before. I've never seen 'Green Trick' Dianthus in person but would snap it up if I did. Green flowers always make an arrangement special.

  5. What a beautiful colour palette, Anna. So elegant and refined. Thanks for the introduction to Mathiasella bupleuroides 'Green Dream'. I am not familiar with that plant - initially I wondered if it were a type of hellebore. Glad your windy weather has subsided - it would be a tragedy for such a bunch to end up in the stream below!

  6. Anna you have brought together some lovely material for this vase. I had not seen before the Mathiasella bupleuroides and at first glance thought it was some sort of Euphorbia. Having got rid of nearly all my Euphorbia as going forward as I wanted to avoid the potential problems of sap burn, then this will do very nicely.

  7. Astrantias are one of my favourite flowers. The last photo is lovely


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