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Monday 27 November 2023

IAVOM ~ Return Of The Spider

It's Monday again and time to share a vase. After much rain and now our first hard frosts of the autumn there is isn't much colour in the garden and what there is looks most forlorn and bedraggled. Under the cover of the greenhouse though there is a small corner of glowing colour which forms the content of today's vase. It's chrysanthemum 'Spider Bronze', which is bringing some welcome sparkle to the kitchen windowsill on a wet morning. I took my photo late on Saturday morning when we did have some welcome sunshine.

This is a tender perennial. I treated myself to one plant last year but it didn't come through the winter. I imagine that the long bitterly cold spell we had last December may have been responsible. As I liked it that much I treated myself in the spring to a trio of plug plants, which are now flowering away happily. I will be interested to see how long they last once picked as they are supposed to have a long vase life. 

The vase was a purchase earlier this year from the florist's shop near my hairdresser's salon. The shop contains a myriad of glass vases and bottles in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

No gardening from me today apart from perusing the potted snowdrops in the greenhouse one or two showing some white and much promise of things to come. It is just too cold and damp out there for me and I've sustained an injury. I managed to cut through the nail of my index finger whilst slicing carrots so I am slightly sore and well plastered. Thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for her most gently encouraging hosting. I'm really looking forward to vase hopping later today with notebook and pen by my side. 


  1. Hey Anna, You have a funny flower. Colour is marvellous.
    Anna from Finland

  2. Anna that is a beautiful mum....and I love the name as well. Beautifully displayed in that delicate blue vase.

  3. Wow! On the face of it I might think these spidery blooms don't appeal, but these are really striking, perhaps accentuated by the colour. Have you kept them in pots inside, ad how big are the blooms? The blue vase really suits them - Himself must be hoping you don't get tempted every time you have your hair cut... 😉 Sorry about your injury - your knives must be sharper than ours! Hope it heals soon and you don't lose your nail... 😢

  4. That Chrysanthemum certainly adds wonderful colour and sparkle, I do hope you give us an update next week on how it is doing. Sorry to hear of your injury, that must be hard as you won't be able to do much now, except read, chat watch TV, walk, eat chocolates? Oh and admire your lovely Chrysanthemum, which I would definitely grow if I had a greenhouse!

  5. I think that is my favorite mum, the bronze spider. i like the blue vase, too. I hope it last for you. I keep mangling fingernails, too. Rest and heal! Amelia

  6. Another chrysanthemum I took to be a dahlia at first sight! I never see pretty mums like this here - even the mums I saw at the nearby Getty Cemter (which can afford any kind of plant it wants) didn't have any mums as pretty as this one. As to the cut - OUCH! I hope you recover quickly.

  7. Ouch. Hope your finger heals quickly Anna! What a lovely Chrysanthemum. It really is a burst of sunshine and can easily make you forget it's nearly December!


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