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Thursday 7 December 2023

A Week OF Flowers ~ Day 7

The last of my posts for Cathy's cheering meme 'A Week Of Flowers'. How the week has flown and here it has been a most cold one with heavy frosts and some snow at the weekend, so I'm finishing with some late bright August sunshine. The flowers are those of the hardy perennial helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer', which is in flower from July and lasts for a good while before coming to a standstill sometime in October. It's easy going, usually untroubled by pests and it is a magnet for pollinators. My plant grows in one of the sunnier spots in the garden where the soil is very heavy.  The plant usually gets the 'Chelsea Chop' treatment in May. I have grown it since 2009 when I first came across it in a holiday cottage where we were spending a week. The flowers were in a vase on the windowsill which you can see below.

I didn't know what the flower was so when I had the chance to ask the cottage owner I did and she told me more about the plant and showed it to me growing in the garden. When we left to return home she very kindly presented me with a small clump as a gift so it's a lovely memento of that week.

The construction is himself's creation. He had always been fascinated by the shape of pig arks and wanted to build something in that style! It's a bit of a man shed and gym but there is room for a few gardening odds and ends. It's where the last of my bulbs are waiting for me to plant them so hopefully warmer days will come soon. 

A big thanks to Cathy over at 'Words and Herbs' who came up with the inspiring idea of sharing photos of the flowers that have bought us happiness, at a time of year where there is not much in flower. Yesterday  I noticed that the very first of my beloved snowdrops are in flower so the year has certainly come round full circle. 


  1. I like very much that orange colour of those flowers.

  2. What a lovely memory and memento of your holiday! Helenium is a nice late summer bloomer. It definitely requires the Chelsea can get so tall! Eliza

  3. Heleniums are wonderfully happy flowers, they brings smiles to faces.

  4. I love your Helenium Anna, especially in the vase with the aster. I would never have thought to combine the two, but it works! I have the same one and will have to try the Chelsea chop next year - if I don't chicken out! LOL! Thanks for the tip. And thank you for joining in this week and sharing some favourite flowers. Look forward to seeing some of your snowdrops soon!

  5. Heleniums are immediately recognizable for their distinctive shape. For some reason I never see the plants here, even though my western garden guide assures me that they're suitable to my area - although their water needs may present an issue.

  6. Lovely to come home with your clump to plant in your garden


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