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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Pick Of The Bunch



Earlier this year I was able to pick grapes from the vine on my allotment plot. Not a brilliant vintage harvest in 2009 but enough to feel that my vine is a valuable asset.

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  1. Did you make a little vino from the grapes on your vine?:)

  2. Very fine! Years ago I had Concord vines with grapes for far more jam and jelly than I cared to eat! Beautiful grapes you grew!

  3. Did you get any wine from them or did you eat them?

  4. I thought V was for Victory... but all those grapes off the vine are quite victorious, aren't they? Yum!

  5. So go on Anna do tell what did you do with them eat or make juice?

  6. Please Verify if wine was made. HA Lovely colors, hope they tasted as good as they looked. :-)

  7. But she always had some very fine wine.
    -Joy to the World, Hoyt Axton (sung by Three Dog Night)

  8. You have a vine which produces grapes for you? Lucky you! We had one in our garden when we moved here, but the grapes never swelled and ripened and all it did was attract huge swarms of wasps, so we took it out.


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