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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Year Of The Blog

The last entry in my blog each year has been usually one of very few posts - I am delighted to say that this year has been the exception. It is the year that I got into blogging and although I have not yet matched the prodigious output of some fellow bloggers, I am more than happy. This state of affairs is mainly due to the encouragement of fellow bloggers including all the lovely folk on Blotanical. Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, enthusiasm and great sense of humour in 2009 - it means a lot to me. I am looking forward to seeing my blog grow during the next year. I am pleased to have the chance to be involved in a new project come January at the kind invitation of Teza over at Teza's Garden. This will come online on a few days and I am sure it's going to be fun. It was also a pleasure to meet up in real life with fellow bloggers - The Patient Gardener and Veg Plotting. Hopefully we will see each other again before long and I hope to meet other bloggers in 2010.

As for the weather what can I say ? 2009 has been weird, wonderful and wet! Sadly it has bought its share of misfortune and grief in the north west of England when the inhabitants of Cumbria suffered dreadful flooding. That's only my tiny corner of the planet and as usual throughout the world the elements have reminded us of their tremendous power.

The allotment fared well. I would like to say flourished but I would be exaggerating. It benefited from having so much more of my time lavished on it, as 2009 was the first full year of me not working. I grew the usual suspects but also strangely enough some vegetables I have not grown before. Nothing exotic - carrots and peas but they were delicious. I am not sure why I have not grown them before but will be certainly be doing so this coming year. In fact next year's early peas have already germinated in the greenhouse and are fleeced in anticipation of frost tonight. I still have not got my head round the art of successional planting but hope to get nearer this year. Himself is working tomorrow so I will be spreading myself out on the carpet - seed boxes, reference books plus pen and paper in hand. Bliss.

As for the garden there is much to do. Sadly looking back on the last decade the garden has suffered - it is extremely overgrown and neglected in places. Now that work is no longer consuming my time and energy 2010 is time to tackle some of the big tasks that I have been putting off. It is going to involve the removal of one or two mature but unhealthy shrubs, reclaiming paths and a whole border which has more or less been swallowed up by some pernicious ivy. I have also got a nasty patch of vinca to sort out - I will save this for when I am in a bad mood.

New plants wishlist for 2010. Well I am going to try to be restrained (where have I heard that before ?) and wait until I can see the wood from the trees. Having said that there are one or two hardy geraniums on the list to add to the ones I already grow. You can see one of my favourites in the garden in this post. I am also sure that I will be tempted by some of the beauties that I have recently drooled over at Gardening With Grace and Mr.McGregor's Daughter. In fact I may just have to stop visiting all you bloggers who tempt me by featuring such desirable plants on your blogs.

Well 2010 is almost done and I'm off to Liverpool later to round up the year with a Chinese meal in the company of himself. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. May all your plants prosper in the new decade. See you on the other side.


  1. Hi Anna, I wouldn't about not posting as frequently as others. Just do it when the mood strikes! That's my philosophy, anyway. I asked over at VP but would also like your opinion because I know you grow peas: I want to grow a type of pea from which I can make mushy peas. Google tells me this is "marrowfat"--but with more reading, it's not clear if marrowfat is a type/cultivar/specific pea, or whether it just means any type of pea left on the stalk long enough to dry out. Thanks for any help and happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for the shout out. It sounds like an exciting time for you and your garden. I hope you will take lots of before & after photos and post about the progress.

  3. Wonderful post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The blotanical folk certainly are a pleasant and encouraging bunch, and really make garden blogging so much fun. Have a very Happy New Year, we will also be having Chinese food tonight. :) Rebecca

    PS. I know what you mean about getting too many ideas for new plants, I suffer from the same affliction!

  4. Hi Anna~~ I love that, "RECLAIMING the path..." So apropos! And sort out the Vinca patch when you're in a bad mood, GREAT IDEA. I'm going to remember this when I've had it up to here with my equally pernicious interlopers.

    Please, if you could, I need [emphasis on NEED] to know the identities of both Geraniums in your post. They are indeed lust-worthy. And your photo of the peas makes my mouth water. God's candy I call them, so sweet and crunchy. Yummo!

    I look forward to eavesdropping on your garden preening and meandering this coming year. Hopefully the weather will settle back into its normal confusion instead of the manic maelstrom it proceeded to "gift" us with in 2009. Happy New Year to you too, dear friend.

  5. Happy New Year, Anna,
    I'm looking forward to forming a kinship among the writers of Teza's Garden.
    Hope all your ambitious plans unfold without too much exertion. My back is telling me I must take it easy or I won't be gardening at all ;~D

  6. Happy New Year! I'm glad to have met you through your blog. I look forward to hearing more about your travels and your garden. I've wondered this year if other types of bloggers form the same type of bonds that garden bloggers do?
    I'd love to know the name of your geraniums too, I think I need them as well :)

  7. Anna, Do you know the name of that gorgeous geranium in your last photo? I am, as you know, partial to the whole geranium genus, and I'm wondering if this is one I could grow in my Maine garden. -Jean

  8. Hi Anna, this is a lovely last post for 2009 ! have a lovely meal and enjoy bringing in the New Year. Look foward to reading your blog in 2010. x

  9. I enjoyed your post and am encouraged by your report, since 2010 will be the first year of my retirement, meaning lots more time for the allotment. Happy New Year.

  10. I am very pleased to have made your blogging acquaintance Anna and would love to meet you for real in 2010 - wonderful to meet other people who share one's obsessions.

  11. As a new blogger, I agree with you about blotanical. What an encouraging group. I truly have enjoyed visiting gardens all over the world, including yours. I look forward to your posts in 2020. Have a blessed and happy New Year.

  12. Dear Anna, as always, a lovely post! Wishing you the very best in the coming year and a garden that does just as you hope!

  13. Happy New Year Anna! I've really enjoyed your blog this year (oops - last year - 2009!!) and look forward to more in 2010. It's been lovely getting to know you through blogging.

    The weather is unusually snowy here, and Durham City last night was unusually empty! But picturesque - should have taken my camera out!

  14. Enjoyed our get togethers as well - hopefully we can do it again this year

  15. A lovely summary and hope your 2010 is a happy gardening and blogging year for you Anna.


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