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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Full Steam Ahead


I am not sure whether I appreciated the sheer magic of steam train journeys as a child as then they were quite the norm. However a trip last week on the Rheilffordd Lyn Tegid (Bala Lake Railway) in North Wales, was a chance to rediscover the excitement that comes with this mode of transport. The railway occupies the trackbed of the former standard - gauge Ruabon to Barmouth line of the Great Western Railway. The line as it now was opened in 1972 but most of the steam locomotives in use are over a hundred years old.  The journey takes you along the shoreline of Bala Lake which is the largest natural lake in Wales.

Himself and I travelled in an open carriage delighting in making chuggetty - chug noises as we slowly made our way through the beautiful countryside ~ 

It was a twenty five minute journey from Lyn Tegid (Bala Lake) to our destination of Llanuwchllyn where we had just over half an hour to wait before getting back on board for the return journey. There was no difficulty in filling in the time as there so many fascinating bits of machinery, notices, paraphernaila and artefacts to linger over at the station ~

There was also a fine station buffet building serving the most delicious carrot cake. The station dog with the most soulful eyes imaginable watched us munch our way through this.

Now as far as the inticacies of the Welsh language go I am afraid that I can't get my head round the prounciation ~ maybe my friends at An Artists Garden and Welsh Hills Again could come to my rescue.

We hope to venture back to Wales before long where there are other steam train journeys that appeal to us. You can find out more about them over at The Great Little Trains of Wales.

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  1. I used to stand on the bridge and watch steam trains travel up the overground section of the Metropolitan line when the 'steam'events were on. Great experience, would love to travel in one of course!

  2. I love steam trains! Loved riding them as a child and I still do, although I don't see them anymore. I like trains in general and they're my favorite way to travel, but the steam trains were special! Great post for the L Day! Hope your week is going well!


  3. I cannot believe that you were so close to Elizabeth and me and I didn't know!!

    Actually Bala is about half way between us!!

    You and himself are more than welcome to visit when you are next in Wales

    It is a beautiful little journey - lovely pictures

  4. This looks like a delightful trip and a fun way to make the memories come alive. I like your picture of the train station too.

  5. This looks like so much fun. I love trains in general (not so common here) and steam trains esp. :) Toot toot whoosh!

  6. These steam trains that have been revived are real treasures, - your pictures of the countryside and the station are lovely, - it must have been a great trip!

  7. Sitting here wondering how to pronounce that.

    And, loving the images and the seam train.

  8. That looked like a trip back in time. What a fun way to travel and appreciate the countryside.

  9. That looks like such a fun ride! I want to go too!

  10. Anna, There is nothing like riding a train - any size, anywhere! What a charming day trip - Wales is very, very beautiful!

  11. Train journeys are the best, and if its a steam train even better.
    Best to spend 40 shillings on a carrot cake tea, than a gate.

  12. we're going on a train this weekend! such fun!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  13. Delightful post. I remember many years ago, my husband took a little trip on a tour train. What fun. Great post for L day today.

  14. I meant 'My husband and I took a little trip on a tour train.'

  15. How lovely! I haven't been on a train for ages, but it was so enjoyable. Your photos are wonderful!

  16. love train rides,
    the view outside the window is super beautiful!

    here is my ABC Wednesday entry:

  17. What a lovely way to see the Welsh countryside. It's like looking back in time to see those stations.

  18. It is sure a fun ride, I wish I could experience it...

  19. What a great trip - thanks for sharing it with us!

  20. The trip seems delightful. I would have loved to have been in Wales this past weekend for the Ryder Cup.

    Beautiful photos.


    ABC Wednesday Team

  21. Dear Anna, I love steam trains and this one looks ideal for a leisurely day out. I have travelled on a steam train from Bewdley to Bridgenorth on the Severn Valley Railway and found the whole experience absolutely delightful. You can book for afternoon tea on the train which was perfect!

  22. Trains and their stations seem to have universal appeal. Your photos show us why!
    Thank you,
    Helen Mac, ABC team


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