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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day ~ October 2010.

In Parliament, the Minister of Mists
and Mellow Fruitfulness announces,
that owing to inflation and rising costs
there will be no Autumn next year.
September, October and November
are to be cancelled,
and the Government is to bring in
the nine-month year instead.
Thus will we all live longer.

Emergency measures are to be introduced
to combat outbreaks of well-being
and feelings of elation inspired by the season.
Breathtaking sunsets will be restricted
to alternate Fridays, and gentle dusks
prohibited. Fallen leaves will be outlawed,
and persons found in posession of conkers,
imprisoned without trial.
Thus will we all work harder.

The announcement caused little reaction.
People either way don't really care
No time have they to stand and stare
Looking for work or slaving away
Just another Autumn day.

Just Another Autumn Day ~ Roger McGough

I am late with my monthly musing as himself and I have been holidaying in the glorious countryside of North Wales. The photo was taken just down the road from where we were staying. The poet hails from nearer to home ~ Roger McGough is from Liverpool. He writes some delightful and often humorous poetry. I thought that this one was quite apt, given not only the season but also the fact that government spending cuts are very much in the news at present. Fortunately the cancellation of autumn is not on the agenda ...........

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  1. Dear Anna, I once went to a poetry reading in Southampton by the 'Liverpool Poets' which was great fun and highly amusing. Roger Mc Gough has a wonderful sense of humour and a wicked way with words. He seems to have captured the mood of the nation with the poem you feature here.

  2. I'm glad that September, October and November will not be cancelled, the year flies by quickly enough as it is. A very apt poem considering.

  3. I like Autumn so I'm glad it hasn't been cancelled

  4. I think a better answer would be to cancel government for the duration of autumn! Gorgeous photo!

  5. I think a better answer would be to cancel government for the duration of autumn! Gorgeous photo!

  6. Hi Anna, I just love Roger McGough (throw back to my teaching career I guess!). The rose you asked about on my blog is Munstead Wood (David Austin), it's gorgeous!


  7. What a great poem - you can depend on Roger McGough to say what's on his mind - and I agree with debsgarden!!

    Glad you had a good holiday Anna - it looks beautiful there.


  8. What lovely countryside and glad you are there to see it!

  9. If autumn is cancelled I will protest with a red maple leaf on my forehead and ribbons of gold and orange leaves tied around my ankles. My call will be cry of flocking Canada Geese as they rise and arch in readiness for thier flight south.

    Loved that poem, Anna. (and your trip looked gorgeous) :)

  10. What a delightful poem, Anna. Thanks for introducing me to a poet that I hadn't known about. -Jean

  11. Great poem - made me laugh, for which I thank you!


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