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Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Final Fling

A winter celebration took place at the allotment today ~ our last get together of the year. A few of us foolhardy perennials braved the elements for a couple of hours to share lunch and natter. We sat outside well wrapped up against the November chill. There was homemade vegetable soup, barbecued lavender infused burgers and of course cake. Discussion was very much on the subject of plans for a new season ~ some of my more efficient fellow plot holders have already completed their seed orders and have their crop rotation details sorted to the last minute detail.

Before taking my leave I nipped to my own plot to pick some autumn raspberries, which I had noticed somewhat gleefully shouting ' Look ~ we're red Mrs!' at me yesterday. I did not have a suitable container with me to convey them home so had to leave them behind but came prepared today. I had been wondering when they would ripen  ~ whether they all will or not is still subject for speculation. Today though there were enough pickings for a little but oh most delicious feast.


  1. A last unexpected picking must taste extra special.
    Crop rotation - I have my head firmly in the sand this year. Have notions of what I want to grow next year so better get thinking about what seeds to buy. Lottie association does bulk order so might wait and see if they offer what I want. Anyway, I thought winter was for looking through seed catalogue so what do your organised fellow lottie holders do over the winter??

  2. Dear Anna, Managing an allotment makes my head spin....all that crop rotation, areas lying fallow, green manure....I have no idea what these entail, I have just heard them somewhere. Whatever, I do admire your efforts in producing your own food and am certain that the raspberries were delicious.

  3. Anna, your little celebration sounds lovely, that is so nice when plot-holders get together like that, it makes it feel more like a community. I have made some very dear friends from my allotment. We are just getting an allotment Association off the ground,(I'm only a member as I don't have time to be on commitees), but as yet we haven't had any get togethers, I hope we do.
    Have a lovely week.
    M x

  4. Your party at the allotment sounds so fun. Now I wonder what lavender infused burgers taste like?!
    The raspberries looks so yummy.

  5. Those unexpected "out of season" treats are always the most flavorful! What a great surprise for your tastebuds so late in the season!

  6. Sounds great Anna - sadly my allotment site is so small (just 29 plots) that I'm quite often up there on my own.

    Off to check on what my raspberries have to offer

  7. I'm afraid I eat any fall raspberries I find on the spot. Your allotment get-together sounds like fun. Crop rotation? OK, I do it with tomatoes, but must read up on it more.

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon. I'm sure if you got the sunshine today that we got here there'll be more raspberries ripe by now.

  9. Sounds like fun! (What were the lavender infused burgers like?)

  10. I had the very first raspberries from my plants in October - it was thrilling!

    Love the idea of lavender infused burgers. Gardeners, so creative they are. :)

  11. That sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday, and yummy lunch too! I envy your rasberries, my Grandad used to grow amazing ones, its something I am determined to do at some point.


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