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Sunday, 21 November 2010

'Pictures Of Lily'

I was delighted to find a little package lurking in the porch, when I reluctantly set off to do some food shopping on Friday. I placed it gently in the confines of the greenhouse and opened it up as soon as I returned. You know how it is when you are beguiled by one of those mouthwatering descriptions that you come across of plants. After reading nurseryman's Bob Brown's description of the Oriental Trumpet Lilium 'Robina' in a recent edition, of 'Gardens Illustrated' it was a severe case of 'Iwantitness'. Although my nose is sensitive and lilies can trigger severe sneezing bouts, I am partial to them as long as they are out of the confines of the house. 'Robina' is described as having deep pink watermelon flowers ~ Bob Brown scores the plant as a 10/10, calling her 'stonking'. What more could you want?

'Iwantitness' is usually followed by despondency, when I find that I can't locate aforesaid plant for love or money. However not in this case - I found a supplier (a most well known seed merchant) and my bulbs promptly arrived in November, as advised on their website at the time of ordering. Inside the box was an information leaflet. How useful I thought but to quote points 2 and 3 from the leaflet entitled 'Ten Steps To Success' :

"If you have received your bulbs from September to October ...... " and
"If you have received your bulbs from February to April .... '

No mention of what to do with bulbs that are delivered from November - January. Tut - tut, this is rather naughty and puzzling especially for any novice bulb buyers. Just after I had sent my order of course I came across a specialist lily nursery, stocking the same bulb. I noticed at the time that this company
was not sending out any bulb orders out until February, so I am going to wait until then to plant the new arrivals. I have also observed today on their website that my supplier is now not dispatching 'Robina' until February. So now the challenge of finding somewhere cool and dry to keep them over the winter saving the seller from doing that task.

Whilst browsing their website I spied with glee that the specialist nursery stocks a lily that was proving most elusive to find. This is the Longiflorum Asiatic 'Eyeliner', which I first came across earlier this year on 'The Patient Gardener's Weblog' and which I just had to have too. Hopefully next summer between the sneezes I will be able to report back on the progress of both lilies.

The lily in the above photo was this year's 'Muscadet' - an already planted and almost in flower Oriental lily bargain purchase.


  1. Oh what a glorious thing to look forward to - the wait is all part of the fun isn't it.


  2. Iwantitness happens and 'Robina' is certainly a beautifully worthy object. I've received some lilium bulbs this fall that I've potted up and have stored out on the sunporch. The hope is that they develop some roots away from the rodents...

  3. Glad you tracked down Eyeliner - mine was in one of those Dutch bulb packs in the local nursery but was really good value for money.

    I hope your new one lives up to Bob's description

  4. I seem to have a chronic case of "Iwantitness," especially the more blog posts I read:) I'll have to look up 'Robina,' but I think the freckle-faced lily you already have is lovely, too, Anna.

  5. Lilies are one of my favourite flowers, but I find that some of their scents can be overpowering in the house. I'm sure the wait for your new ones will be worth it when you see their blooms.

  6. Oh yes, I am all to familiar with this condition...and it does seem to be triggered whenever I get my copy of Gardens Illustrated...uh-oh, I think my new copy should be here soon :-) I can't even remember all the plant obsessions that have resulted from reading that magazine, Astrantias, Knautias, the list goes on and on :-) I'm glad to have found a fellow sufferer!

  7. Dear Anna, A mark of 10 out of 10 from Bob Brown must surely be a gold standard that will make your new acquisition the talk of the town. Lilies are so beautifully elegant , but I must confess that I have had mixed degrees of success with growing them in pots. I wish you well with 'Robina'...I wonder who the namesake is?

  8. Hi Anna Nice of you to stop by my blog which is sadly neglected of late with all the work on my Lyme blog.

    Even more neglected are my visits to other garden blogers and something I really miss and must make more time for. They still pop up on my dashboard amongst other Lyme and ME/CFS blogs so I do occassionaly make time to take a peek.

    I have just scrolled back through some of your interesting posts partciularly loved the sweet peas and the garden you posted about recently, as to this lovely Oriental Lily I can just imagine the scent next year. I grow all my lillies in pots and store them away in the greenhouse over winter then they can be moved near the house when they are in flower to enjoy their heavenly perfume wafting through the doors and windows. This way I avoid sticking a fork through them when digging my untidy garden, far too prescious to risk that.


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