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Friday, 21 January 2011

And The Winner Is? ................

The gardening glove made its journey into the plant pot and emerged clutching ~ roll of drums ~ fanfare of trumpets ~ keeping you all in suspenders here ~ a piece of paper bearing the name of 'The Patient Gardener', who will soon find 'The Wonderful Weekend' winging its way to her. Thanks to all of you who entered. I only wish that there had been enough copies for all of you.

 I unitentionlly made it easier for you by giving you the answer to question number 25 when I set the quiz. Too much seasonal silliness going on methinks ~ was it all that snow or was it the sherry!  Hope you all have a good weekend and here are the answers ~

1) Wise old man ~ Sage
2) Without a dance partner ~ Wallflower
3) In perfect condition ~ Mint
4) Harlequin's sweetheart ~ Columbine
5) It's in the eye ~ Iris
6) Fictional hotel proprietor (first name) ~ Basil
7) Elizabeth has been active ~ Busy Lizzie
8) Wordsworth sung its praises ~ Daffodil
9) Prickly Christmas evergreen meets a German wine ~ Hollyhock
10)Did Chaucer's pilgrims hear these when they ended their journey? (plural) ~ Canterbury Bells
11) A company of animals or birds ~ Phlox
12) Romance bloomed in the foggy weather ~ Love - in - the -mist
13) A motionless insect usually busy ~ Astillbe
14) The girl would share your tandem if you sung to her ~ Daisy
15) The truth be told ~ Honesty
16) The Universe ~ Cosmos
17) Mother sprinted like this on sports day ~ Amaranthus
18) Amour, prone and haemorrhaging ~ Love - lies - bleeding
19) Head cover worn by monastery's inhabitants - Monkshood
20) A floral fiddle ~ Viola
21) It would smell as sweet by any other name ? ~ Rose
22) This girl has been in a fight ~ Black- Eyed Susan
23) Daughter of Zeus and Hera? ~ Hebe
24) Ms. Ledward may grow this in her garden ~ Daphne
25) Yogi's trousers ~ Bear's Breeches


  1. Hi Anna,

    Congrats to Helen, I hope she enjoys reading the book :)

    Very clever questions... I honestly probably wouldn't have got a single one. Just not very good at riddles.

  2. Congratulations to The Patient Gardener, I hope she enjoys the book.

  3. Cheered me up no time today winning

    Thanks Anna

  4. Black Eyed Susie and Amaranthus had me stumped. Thanks for the quiz Anna - who wins the gardening glove?!

  5. Hi Anna, a little blotanical birdie told me your birthday is nigh! Hope you have a wonderful day and all the best for an exciting and fun-filled year! :)


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