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Monday, 3 January 2011

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day ~ January 2011

"Darkness begins a
retreat: the cold light flows back
over the dead land.

Put the tree out now:
hang nuts on its branches - see feathered 
decorations come.

Take down the 
Christmas cards : arrowheads in the dust
point to spring cleaning.

Pull down the paper
chains: the room grows tall, the floor 
deep in coloured snow.

Cold bites deep: warm your
mind at Christmas memories
and look for snowdrops"

'After Christmas' ~ John Corben

More monthly musing can be mulled over at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, where all the months of the year are celebrated in poetry or prose.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Must take down my decorations... Although it isn't yet the twelfth day, I do plan on making a start today.

    Oooooooh, snowdrops... Soon, hopefully!

    Can't see any coming up here yet, but I can see plenty of Crocus and Iris.

  2. Dear Anna - so sorry I missed your last post which was a mix of such wonderful garden views and the backdrop of your father's sad decline. A master gardener in his own way, planting the seeds of knowledge in all those young minds.

    Did not know this Corben poem - like the 'see feathered decoreations come'. My little tree is stripped but ladybirds hanging on in there. Wish I had snowdrops! And thanks - another meme to add to the list.


  3. Oh yes, looking forward to snowdrops - they're just starting to arise among the grass here!

    I dusted before putting the cards up so won't need to do it again for another few weeks ;D

  4. Snowdrops are a real favourite of mine - especially when they're tightly packed under the trees. I justb found your blog - very enjoyable, I'll pop back

  5. A wonderful poem, Anna. Thanks for sharing it. It so resonates with the feeling I woke with this morning, that it was time to turn away from Christmas and stride resolutely forward into the new year. -Jean

  6. Onwards as they say.

    Aside, I look forward to the Chaumont - sur - Loire post sometime.

    Happy New Year

  7. A very timely poem. It's back to work for hubby today and back to school for the kids, Christmas is well and truly over for another year.

  8. What a lovely poem. I intended to take the decorations down today, but instead I feel the lure of the new allotment plot, I want to measure up...

  9. According to The Oxford Book of Christmas Poems the poem above - After Christmas - was written by Michael Richards, not John Corben

  10. Oh thanks Meg - I will have to investigate forthwith. I can't remember where I read the poem now :)


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