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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day ~ March 2011



~ when garden bloggers from all over the globe gladly get together to post muses on matters seasonal and green. My offering for this month is this grand poem by Eleanor Farjeon, 1881 -1965 :

'First Gathering'

'Child, take your basket down,
Go and find spring,
Earth has not lost her brown,
Nor wind his sting,
But in the morning
The thrush and the blackbird
Sing to the sleeping town,
And the waking woods,
       take your basket down,
Go and find spring!

Now where the ground was bare,
Only last week,
Now where the flower was rare
And the hedge bleak,
Reach for the catkin
And stoop for the primrose,
Seek if you want your share
Of the first gathering,
        where the ground was bare
Only last week'

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day is hosted each month by Carolyn Choi over at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.

Go over to ABC Wednesday for more on the glorious letter G!


  1. I've got primroses blooming in my garden but I'm afraid they're looking a little worse for wear after being battered by the wind and rain. They're one of my favourite flowers, so pretty and understated.

  2. You SO have the galianthus bug.

    I've just been in the UK and couldn't help notice the amount of snowdrops. I never see them here.

  3. The wind certainly hasn't lost its sting today Anna - it's from the chilly north east - brrrrrrr!

    I am loving seeing the changes though - Eleanor Fareon was right - they're coming thick and fast at the moment :)

  4. A great gathering of memes! Your choice of poem is excellent Anna- such lovely words if only I had milk flowers to gather

  5. Perfect poem for the start of March. There are indeed catkins waving in the hedgerows and the first of the wild primroses shivering in the cold and gloomy light. Where's the sun!

  6. Beautiful shot and poem!! just lovely.
    G is for...

  7. I came across GBMD by accident and think it is a wonderful idea. I have added my own contribution (courtesy of William Wordsworth).

    So many lovely poems about Spring.


  8. This is the perfect poem for a March Muse Day! Winter may very well return to us in the Midwest, but March always provides a ray of hope. Today the sun is shining and the birds are chirping--no blooms yet, but it feels almost like spring.

    Anna, I realized today how long since I have visited here; I hope you are doing well, and you are all set for another joyous season of gardening.

  9. Perfect poem! I can say that I'd be so happy to have a basket full of spring about now instead of another still-snowing day. Lovely photo, too!

  10. Anna, what a great poem for those of us hanging on by our fingernails for spring to make her entrance. Lovely and uplifting! :)

  11. Another great selection, Anna. Thanks so much for adding your special touch to GBMD.

  12. love gardeners. not in my skill set.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  13. Excellent poem - easy to understand yet profound. Eleanor Farjeon comes up with another winner. Thanks Anna.

    As well as being a good description of the season, it touches on an important concern which wasn't something she had to address when she wrote it.

    We can no longer take a basket and potter around the fields, woods and hedgerows picking flowers and catkins. While this has good reasons behind it, it also means we (and the children following us) are being detached from hands on nature in the wild. It's a bit like swimming - quite a difference between watching and doing - and a difference that matters.


  14. I've been so looking forward to the spring flowers, but the snow on the weekend covered up all the blooming crocuses! lol

    ABCW Team

  15. pretty poem and great shot nice one for G entry :)

  16. The Poem is lovely and can feel the delight of spring in the words. Finding beautiful blossoms on the ground which was bare till only last week is a wonderful heartening line!!

  17. Gorgeous Galanthus...of course. So spring has sprung in your garden Anna! I still have my winter coat on and so has my garden ;-(

    Hugs Tyra

  18. awesome pick! oh my, sign of spring....:)

    Great to be here. Hope you can take a look at my ABC Wednesday entry as well. Thanks!

  19. Only last week seems to be a phrase I have been using for the last few days. I have been so surprised at how quickly the little crocus and winter acontites have started to flower - I don't even remember seeing their foliage last week!

  20. We are in the yo-yo season very warm one day and cold the next... but, I think we are past the snow and in a few weeks we will be past the frost. The daffodils have emerged and are starting to bloom... three or four of them open so far.

  21. Anna that is a beautiful poem and Iv'e never heard it before so I really enjoyed it.
    I love the helebore in your previous post it's stunning and a very good shot.
    M x


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