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Friday, 4 March 2011

'I Don't Care What The Weather Man Says'

~ well I do really. Following a Twitter conversation yesterday with Patient Gardener and Yolanda, I realised how fond I have grown of my little weather station, which himself insisted on treating me to last year. We did not go out with the intention of buying one but it leapt up at us from the depths of a certain well known German supermarket.

It sits in the dining room where it records a myriad of information which keeps me fascinated. Temperatures both indoors and outdoors, maximums and minimums, a uncannily accurate weather forecast, atmospheric pressure, time, date and phases of the moon are all conveniently delivered in the blink of an eyelid to a most compact screen. I suspect that my yearning for additional information such as wind speed and direction as well amount of rainfall is a little greedy. I will have to resort to the old handkerchief in the wind technique and perhaps come up with a makeshift rain gauge.

However this marvellous machine in danger of being usurped in my affections - it now has a serious rival competing for attention - yet again a visit to the aforesaid store was responsible. This time a little camera came home with us - initially designed to get close up views of a birds feeding table but himself has adapted it to fit in a nesting box for robins. The box has been put to good use before when it hung up in what we called 'The Temple', where it was immersed in a tangle of ivy. 'The Temple' is no more and we are not sure whether the new location will attract occupants. However it's a case of wait and see. We have robins in the garden and are avidly watching so far still life shades of grey images on a small television screen with bated breath. Real sitting on the edge of your seat stuff! I am not sure whether the novelty will wear off soon if there is no action. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile the outdoor temperature here last time I looked was 3.2Âș centigrade and rising .........


  1. I quite fancy a weather station myself, perhaps something for my Christmas list this year. Can't wait to find out if you get a family of robins in your box, fingers crossed.

  2. Dear Anna, I am fascinated by your mini weather station and really think that I should like one too. I am always looking at weather forecasts either for London or Budapest and I am sure that your weather gadget would become a favourite in no time. Now, where is my nearest German supermarket.......!!!

  3. I have a weather station too and it is so interesting watching the outside temperature change. During the winter when it reached -11C I felt a record had been achieved.
    BTW - My Daphne is 7 years old. I have never had one grow so tall before but it is a star!

  4. Love my weather station already and thinking of seeing if I can get an extra sensor for the greenhouse. Only trouble is I can see the temperature dropping outside and I feel cold even though the heating is on!!

  5. Even an empty box is full of hope.


  6. Am rather envious of your weather station Anna as this would keep me glued. With the additon of camcorder in nesting box, there would be no need for TV at all (which I rarely watch anyway. Himself sounds like a handy man to have around especially after reading 'The Temple' post too

  7. Hi Anna,

    I don't have one, but it does certainly sound like a good idea and I'd love to know how hot our decking gets in the summer - can't walk in bare feet, it's just too hot but then it is almost full south-facing! :D

  8. I'd be giving a weather station a lot of attention, and hoping it would be predicting some nice spring like weather.
    I hope you get some Robins in the nesting box, it sure would be fun to watch them.

  9. The phrase "I want one" springs to mind. Though I fear I would become totally obsessed with both weather station readouts and birdcam. I think you need the wind gage and rainfall attachments, and a live feed on your blog to both camera and weather station readouts... And next time that certain German supermarket have weather stations I will persuade MIL she really needs one. Hope you get new and interesting residents in your box soon.

  10. I need one of those. TV is the pits here and the weather holds our interest much better. Lucky you with your Himself to install things so thoughtfully. We are also on the edge of our seats waiting for bird activity!

  11. Hmmm - I suspect I could get quite obsessive about a weather station like yours!

    We had a 'badger cam'camera up the garden for a while. It worked really well and we had some wonderful images of the badgers and foxes.....but then the squirrels ate the wires!

  12. I log the weather each day. Max, min temp, cloudcover etc...

    Yesterday reached 18c from a -1c start. You are not alone in having a mild obsession with the weather!


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