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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Garden Blogger's Muse Day ~ December 2011

To celebrate the first day of the meteorological winter and our wedding anniversary ~ a poem by Jenny Joseph ~

'The unlooked - for season'

"Love, the sun lies warm across the wall.
The wide windows and the smell of the road 
Do not say Winter. Ladybirds are crawling 
Out on ledges. Midday full on the land
Slows down the progress of the afternoon
Promising evening, like a Summer Sunday.

But look where the sun is. Never high in the sky it crept round the horizon. Ask anyone,
Look at the trees and the calendar - all declare
It should be winter. Within two hours
The Winter night will come up with the fog.

Since you have come and gone in the dreaded season
And left so much sunlight, I cannot think
Of now as dead time, only gentle,
With nothing to be feared, if this is winter"

The rose is 'The Fairy', which like us is a little bit ragged around the edges, is still holding on to a few flowers today.


  1. Putting up the 'last rose of summer' on today's post. Which is our wedding anniversary. Almost snap ;~)

  2. A lovely peom that says it all - happy wedding anniversary.

  3. Dear Anna, Happy Wedding Anniversary! A lovely 'gentle' new year to your love. Wonderful poem and 'The Fairy' is a gentle sweet bloomer outlasting all the other roses in my messy garden. You have captured those later blooms perfectly. Cheers! Carol

  4. Happy belated wedding anniversary. There aren't many flowers holding on to their petals here now, it was very blustery last night.

  5. Happy Wedding anniversary - a Rose is very appropriate!

  6. What a beautiful rose to still have in flower for your anniversary.

  7. Lovely - and so apt for this weird unseasonal weather. Belated Happy Anniversary!

  8. did not recognise 'the Fairy' as she actually looks rather more sophisticated when a bit rough round the edges (don't we all?!). Belated Happy Anniversary Anna and a superb choice of poem, completely new to me.


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