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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

'The Story Behind The Name'

Over at 'Garden Faerie's Musings' the lovely Monica has issued an invitation to gardening bloggers share the story behind the name and to reveal how you came up with your online identity. I must admit that when entered the world of blogging I was fascinated by the names of the company I was keeping.  I wondered whether there was a patient soul writing 'The Patient Gardener's Weblog' as the name suggests, who was 'Veg Plotting', and was there a real artist behind 'An Artists Garden'? I have since learned the answer to those questions but there are always others taking their place. Amongst many other mysteries I am intrigued to know ~
  • Whether 'Wellywoman' has a pair of the aforesaid footwear permanently welded to her feet? 
  • Does 'Blue Shed Thinking' actually have a blue shed?
  • Has 'Beangenie' got a magical touch with beans or is she partial to the taste of legumes?

As for my online identity the story behind the name is is short and sweet and has absolutely nothing to do with my prowess as an expert with the needle. When I was in the initial throes of creating my blog I was really struggling to come up with a name. I looked round the study (where the computer resides) for inspiration and my eyes quickly scanned there bookshelf. There staring me in the face was the answer ~ one of my favourite gardening books, none other than Beth Chatto's 'The Green Tapestry'. I was doing a calligraphy course at the time and for some reason was taken with the the idea of merging the last two words of the title together ~ hence the name 'greentapestry' ~ as simple as that. The photo at the top of my post is what was was the header of my original blog design chosen to reflect the title.  It may well return one of these days.

Do join in and share the story behind your name over at 'Garden Faerie's Musings' as we would all like to know!


  1. Err - I've actually got two blue sheds. Three if you count the chicken coop.

    It all started when we took on our first allotment in 2001. We bought our shed, and there was a sale on blue wood protector, so we used that. It came in handy, because at that site we didn't get council compost deliveries, so when we got trailer loads of manure or compost delivered, we just said "put it next to the blue shed".

    When we moved in 2007, Howard dismantled the shed and rebuilt at the new plot, in the shade of the oak trees at the edge of the wood.

    When we put up a shed in the back garden at home, we had to paint it blue. Likewise the chicken house.

  2. I remember your original header and thought it reflected your blog title perfectly. It's interesting to hear how you came up with the name for your blog.

  3. I often think about the names of blogs and why they are that, thanks for sharing yours.

  4. I've always loved that photo - it fits your blog's name so perfectly. Have you tried seeing whether it would work as your blog's background?

    I also spotted Monica's meme - it's about time I told my story...

  5. Now see? This is one of the best things that happens as a result of these memes - we get to meet other gardeners we didn't know existed. I'm entranced by your snowdrop photo just below this post... It will be months before we see them here in Ohio. Such sweet things, they signal spring for us. Nice to meet you, Anna!

    ~Kylee from Our Little Acre

  6. Oh dear. Mine is not a tale worth telling as I have a very uninspiring blog title. We were first funded by Capital Growth so, to keep the funders informed, I started blogging (I don't think they've ever bothered to take a look) and called the blog the first appropriate (but boring) thing I could think of. Yours is much nicer and - ditto to VP - I really like your original header photo.

  7. I often wonder how people came up with their blog names too, it's so fun to read all these stories. The photo is beautiful! Like you, I struggled to come up with a name for my blog also. It's harder than it sounds! :-)


  8. Fascinating Anna - I have always liked the name of your blog, for the reason that you chose, Green tapestry by Beth Chatto was, still is one of my most loved books. Your blog name also appealed to the textile artist in me!

    Choosing a blog name was very difficult for me, and mine does not exactly trip off the tongue, but in the end I went for what I do - I am an artist and I garden.


  9. The name I chose was staring me in the face. Then I had to try and write a blog that needed that good name.
    I have to say - this blogger - is to me always - Anna of the hand! - because I love her avatar. (And that's another story she once blogged for me)

  10. Ah! It all falls into place now. I have always loved the name of your blog, thank you for sharing the reason behind it.

  11. thanks for sharing Anna. Assumed you were a needlewoman with a textured garden of little squares. All the same you weave some wonderful posts.

  12. I wonder if there are faeries over at Garden Faerie's garden. This is a great idea. And I love greentapestry. It's perfect!


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