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Monday, 27 February 2012

Calendar Girls ~ February 2102

Continuing with my monthly sharing of new to me blogs. The first of February's picks is 'Words and Herbs, which is a blog "for all who appreciate the beauty of words, flowers and homecooking". Author Cathy originates from the UK and now lives in the beautiful region of Barvaria, in Germany. Cathy blogs regularly on a wide range of topics. Recent posts have included a fascinating article on the spice cardamon, which I must confess to not having used regularly. Maybe the recipe Cathy shares today for Banana Blueberry Cardamon Muffins might well tempt me to being more adventurous. I have also enjoyed her posts showing glimpses of the area that she lives in, her word of the day articles and the poems that Cathy features. As spring slowly arrives I am looking forward to getting to know Cathy's garden and plants better.

I discovered Surburban Veg Plot a while ago but still in the relatively recent past as far as my blog reading goes. This is the delightful blog home of Jules, a keen and enthusiastic organic vegetable, fruit and flower gardener. She also has keeps chickens. Recent posts have included the familiar dilemma of winter itchy fingers, the question of whether one of her chickens has laid a record breaking egg complete with photographic evidence and the most seasonal topic of chitting potatoes. What I enjoy most about Jules posts are the sense of humour and the imagination that comes shining through. Last autumn I was in stitches reading her Mr.Ted posts which featured the adventures of a bear who stayed with her for a week - all part of a project initiated by another blogger to raise funds for charity. More recently her post about the Valentines Day speed dating event arranged by the sedate RHS had me in giggles.

Do try and visit these lovely ladies! 


  1. Always on the look out for new blogs to read, so thanks for the tips, will take a look tomorrow.

  2. I'm already familiar with Suburban Veg Plot, but I shall pop over to Words and Herbs to check it out. Keep these posts coming, it's great to discover new blogs.

  3. I have been over to check out these blogs - I always find it interesting to see what type of blogs other people enjoy - it is impossible to read them all but sometimes you find a gem.

  4. Thanks for profiling my blog!:-)


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