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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'Losing The Plot'

Possibly coming somewhere near you this summer, especially if you live within striking distance of one of England's inland waterways, is a theatre production telling the tale of the gardeners of Thistledale Allotments. A 'rag-bag bunch of diggers and dreamers', realise that they must unite following a visit from the council, or risk forfeiting their cherished allotment plot forever. 'Losing The Plot' will be touring nationally until October in a diverse range of venues including pubs, allotment sites, village halls and fields. The theatre company behind the production is Mikron, a small touring company, which travels on a narrowboat 'Tyseley' (built in 1937) in the summer and by road in autumn. Details of tour dates and venues for 'Losing The Plot' can be found here. Sadly from what I can see the production is not scheduled to appear locally, despite our almost on the doorstep canal, so I will have to try to persuade himself to take our camper van out for an outing! It sounds like great fun as well as being a serious story of the deep love that people have for the land and growing.


  1. That sounds great. Will have to take a look to see if it's coming near us.

  2. Brilliant. It's not coming anywhere near me though, that's a shame.


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