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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

This Week .....

This week ~

  • I have been enjoying the flowers of cosmos bipanatus 'Purity' waving in the breeze. These are a must for me to grow from seed every year
  • I am wondering about the origin of a solitary purple sweet pea which has appeared growing through some ground creeping ivy.
  • We will be eating some 'Anya' potatoes from the allotment. Quite nutty and delicious.
  • I am debating whether to relocate a very pink penstemon but am completely unable to decide where to.
What are you up to this week?


  1. Work....with lots of gardening afterwards :) Enjoy the coming show! :)

  2. Lovely photo Anna. This week I've been watching the bees collecting nectar from my herb flowers, making lemon curd, gathering rose hips from the City Farm for making jelly and cordial, enjoying potatoes, beans, peas and carrots from the veg patch and optimistically resowing dwarf French beans and mangetout in the hopes of an Indian Summer. It seems that summer has taken so long to arrive, I almost can't bear that it's mid August already!

  3. Enjoy Southport, 21 years we moved from there down to Devon.The 10 years we lived in Southport we enjoyed the flower show, miss it since coming here. What will I be doing this week, going to Exeter Hospital for a preliminary examination for a cataract operation!

  4. The Joy Larkham book looks interesting, must make a note to read it. I've been fixing wires to the new fence today to retie the plants in. Also been picking beans and courgettes ;-)

  5. Beautiful photo! I am trying to stay cool. It's too hot and humid to garden, but I am reading garden books and planning!

  6. I'm staying cool too. Meteo France are forecasting 40 C here Saturday. I grow c. purity too. Lovely.

  7. Hi Anna
    This week I am
    1)Pulling up blight riddled toms and being pleased decided to give up allotment
    2)Admiring some dahlias that have overcome the slugs and are flowering
    3)weeding part of the garden for the first time in months now have more time since decision on plot
    4) reading 'no mow lawns' or a title similar to that
    5) trying to finalise my bulb order and keep it within budget and failing

    Enjoy the show

  8. Trying to frantically catch up with work on the plot and in the garden. Got a lot done yesterday but the heavy rain has put paid to any further outdoor work. Just bought myself a book on growing flowers from a charity shop so may well sit down with a cup of tea and read that.

  9. I've grown Cosmos Purity before, I should grow it again as it's a simple yet elegant flower. I like Joy Larkcom's Grow Your Own Vegetables, I bet her memoirs are good, I shall look out for the book. This week, we're concentrating on tidying the garden but we've had to pause as the rain's back, yet again.

  10. I adore Cosmos 'Purity'. This week I am
    1. Gardening whenever the weather and my energy allows, uncovering plants and wondering what to keep
    2. Pouring over books trying to identify the unknowns I have inherited
    3. Visiting the beach every day
    4. Getting far too excited about all the lovely plants I can grow in the sunny free draining soil in the front, conditions I have never enjoyed before...
    5. Planning the veg plot so that I too can be eating 'Anya' potatoes next year!!!


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