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Friday 31 August 2012

End Of Month View ~ August 2012

August was heralded in by the pink trumpets of the oriental lily 'Robina', which made its presence known by its scent, particularly noticeable on warmer evenings - well there were one or two! August was perhaps not quite as wet as the earlier summer months and the temperature rose. Finally there was more than the odd butterfly on the wing - one day last week saw a mass meeting of peacocks on the buddleja in the garden.

The least said about the allotment the better - please don't mention the word BEAN! I am now fast forwarding to next year and have already started to clear beds in preparation. There have been some enjoyable moments - lots of 'Anya' potatoes which although somewhat on the small side have proved delicious both hot and cold. We have enjoyed the first few apples. Still making my mind up about 'Katy' which produces the picture book rosy red apple that the wicked stepmother must have tried to tempt Snow White with. The texture once you bite into them is on the soft side though and I prefer a crisp crunchy apple. The tree that has been the most productive is 'Sunset' which will be harvested soon. The tomatoes are in full flow now but my earlier delight in the prowess of my cucumbers has been cruelly tempered. After an initial couldn't keep up with them fast enough phrase, I noticed that fruits were turning yellow when small and then withering. I'm not sure but think that this might be a result of overwatering. My cucumbers are growing in a community greenhouse and I suspect that other plot holders have been watering them too. However there are still some waiting for me to pick so all is not doom and gloom. There have been sporadic courgettes but no danger of a glut. The shallots and garlic have now been harvested and removed back home where they will no doubt be appreciated in the coming months.

Back to the garden and to my end of month view for May when I mentioned a new to me word  - 'gabion'. In case you are wondering a gabion is a wire cage that can be filled with rocks, concrete or soil. They can be used in various situations including landscaping and retaining walls. After himself has shedded blood, sweat and nearly tears the pile of rocks (plus many more) which featured in my May end of month post ~

is now looking like this ~

On the far side of the wall is a small stream which forms one of the garden boundaries. We have never really tamed this area which sloped down to the stream. The level of the land has been built up and we now have a clearly defined formal edge and have reduced the risk of accidents. Himself has had to raise the inspection tanks for our septic tank, hence the concrete mixer but he is now nearing the end of the construction phrase. There has been talk of planting sempervivums to soften the edges of the walls and then we need to mull over what we are going to do with this extra space. Hopefully there will be planting underway next month and into October.

This months plant purchases - monarda 'Fireball', heuchera 'Circus', day lilies 'American Revolution' and 'Strutter's Ball' finishing of with a mentha arvensis otherwise known as banana mint.

With thanks as always to Helen over at 'The Patient Gardener's Weblog' who hosts the 'End Of Month View'.


  1. It's looking almost finished and how exciting it will be once you get to do the planting :)

  2. Goodness, that's a big garden project you've undertaken. I bet you're just itching to get on with the planting now, how exciting. I can't wait to hear all about the plants you choose. Your lily Robina is a beauty, such a beautiful colour.

  3. My French beans have either been eaten or have decided the drop in temperature signals the arrival of winter. Unlike last year I will not be freezing many.
    Did you get any Chrystal Lemon cucumbers (I think you were trying them this year?). My remaining plant has produced 2! I have picked one but am almost afraid to try it in case it is rubbish.
    I have seen gabions at flower shows and find them very attractive. Lots of planting in crevices - a whole new world :-)

  4. Oooooo how very exciting and well done himself, a huge undertaking and so much new planting space.

    I did laugh at your comment about the allotment, my Mum has started weeding mine as hers is so immaculate and she cant stand the weeds on mine now I'm not really bothering!!

  5. As my most enthusiastic volunteers come up in the gravel paths, despite being stomped on ... I can imagine that nature will colonise those gabions for you, given a little time, some windblown soil and seeds, and rain.

  6. Wonderful walls, he has worked hard! Fantastic new planting area, I can see you're going to have fun!!

  7. Those are impressive walls. Looking forward to seeing the planting and finished plans. Think 'Himself' deserves a few beers after all that hard work! I think a lot of people are looking forward to next year. I do find the optimism of gardeners remarkable.

  8. Goodness, I am beyond impressed. The gabions look wonderful, I have always rather hankered myself. Will look forward to watching you plant that area up, very exciting to have new space to play with. And hey, hopefully next year will be much better for growing all things edible.

  9. Thanks, will correct my post. You were quite right about the Clematis - it is actually 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'. Searched the garden for Madame Julia (surely I could not have imagined a name like that!) and found her on another obelisk. Mystery solved and my plant list no longer has her in two places :-)

  10. Hi Anna

    I completely missed this post. Some serious work going on. Weather will soften the edges, don't forget sedums too. Looks great!


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