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Monday, 3 September 2012

Slip ~ Sliding Into September

are not just spinning spiders ~ clematis x jouiniana 'Praecox' has been occupying centre stage too ~ 

attracting a bevy of winged creatures on a sunny Sunday afternoon ~ 

This is a herbaceous clematis which forms vigorous and I mean vigorous ground cover ~

In my garden this in flower most years from July onwards until later this month. It is most easy going, needing no special attention. Fully deserving of its AGM (Award Of Garden Merit) from the Royal Horticultural Society  BUT and it is a big but ~  it dies an absolutely disgraceful death!


  1. Love the blooms of that cross clematis!

  2. That clematis is gorgeous! I now have a big attack of the 'wanties' - but I guess I'll just drool at yours as I really don't need anything else that's vigorous, even if it is that pretty!

  3. It's a beauty, and has the added advantage of attracting bees and butterflies. I still haven't seen many butterflies about this year, not even the Cabbage Whites.

  4. That's a really nice clematis.

    I hope September turns out warm and dry.

  5. That's gorgeous. Does it need sun or can it cope in a shady spot?

  6. Absolutely beautiful and the butterflies obviously think so too!

  7. This is so beautiful! I am envious, as I planted one two years ago and it hasn't flowered at all or spread out yet. I'm beginning to think it was a fake! I'll try moving it... what kind of position is yours in?

  8. I have never had nuch luck with herbaceous Clematis - perhaps they get swamped before they establish. Yours sounds a bit more pushy so I might give it a go. Strangely enough I never associate Clematis with insects - I must pay more attention :-)

  9. Those lovely butterfly images remind me how few I've seen in my garden this year. Bees seem to be OK but butterflies - not so.

    But I digress - the clematis looks beautiful.

    I'm feeling positive though as September has got off to a great start. Container plants seem to be having a new lease of life as well - don't you think?

  10. So utterly beautiful, I did remind myself of how ugly it will become, but at the moment I am wondering if I care... It just put itself on the list... But I do need to remember the dying bit...


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